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Secrets to the Best Night’s Sleep for Parents

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Getting a solid night’s sleep in this humidity starts with finding a 100% natural breathable mattress that is the correct firmness for your spine

We put so much thought into our kids’ sleep, buying the best baby cot mattress and making sure our bubs has a good bedtime routine, but what about us parents? Mama and dad deserve to sleep like a baby too, right? So what’s the secret to getting that sought after solid night’s sleep? Settling down for the night on a Natural Organic Latex Mattress by Heveya® could be just the thing you need for the sweetest sleep, guaranteed*.

*Ever heard of the saying “sleep on it and then decide”? Heveya® takes that phrase literally with their 100-day free mattress trial to guarantee you’ll find the best fit mattress for you – sleep on one of their Natural Organic Latex Mattresses for 100 days and if you don’t like you can swap it in for a firmer or softer one for free!

Choose the right latex mattress!

When it comes to choosing a best-fit mattress, everyone’s needs are different which is why Heveya® offers a range of mattresses (all 100% natural organic latex) from soft to firm in both European and Singapore mattress sizes. Head on down to their showroom and try their natural organic latex mattresses out for yourself – you may be surprised about which you personally find most comfortable! A good mattress with the correct level of firmness should support the natural alignment of your spine, with the shoulders, hips, heels and head supported. You shouldn’t feel any painful pressure points, mama; if you do this is a sign your mattress is too firm or even too soft!

If mama needs a firm mattress for her back but dad wants a softer mattress, then what? At Heveya®, you can actually pick two different levels of firmness in one mattress! A king-size latex mattress can be made of two units of 90 x 200 cm blocks which are enclosed within a single king size mattress cover of 180 x 200 cm. This way each partner gets to sleep on a mattress of their preferred density – no compromises needed!

If you are worried about mould – which grows all too easily in humid Singapore – you’ll be comforted to know that mattresses here are 100% natural and organic latex (made from the sap of the rubber tree), which makes them naturally mould resistant, anti-dust mite and anti-allergy. The open-cell natural structure of latex ensures good airflow, resulting in a comfortable sleeping temperature for this sticky climate. Plus covers are all easily removable and cleanable too.

latex mattress singapore sleep tips

More tips to sleep better:

  1. Avoid caffeine after 4pm and excessive alcohol before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant so instead of your afternoon flat white, choose a decaffeinated drink instead and try to limit your alcohol, which can elevate your body temperature and cause a restless night’s sleep.
  2. Exercise early in the day. People who exercise regularly sleep better, but choose your exercise timing wisely – better to get the blood pumping in the early morning as exercising right before bed elevates your metabolism, body temperature and cortisol, which may make getting to sleep harder.
  3. Turn off your screens: phones, computers, TVs and most digital devices all emit blue light which can disrupt your body’s clock by reducing melatonin levels (the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep/wake cycle). Try to turn off your screens an hour or two before turning in for bed.
  4. Temperature check – is your room too hot to be comfortable? Take a cool shower and use the aircon or make sure you have a good fan overhead.
  5. Light check – is there any light keeping you from sleeping? Turn off all electronic devices and get blackout blinds to keep street lights out.

Here’s to sweet dreams, mamas and dads!

Keen to check out Heveya®‘s latex mattress for yourself? Head on down to the Heveya showroom!

Heveya® is offering two Complimentary Natural Organic Latex Pillows worth $396 when you select a King Size Mattress, so if you are thinking about swapping out your old mattress, now’s the time to get a whole new sleep set (plus Heveya® will remove your old mattress for free)!

Heveya®, 32 Eng Hoon Street, Level 2. Singapore 169780, Tel: (+65) 6735 6658,

Brought to you in partnership with Heveya®

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