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Where to Eat: Best Food at Jewel Changi Airport

jewel food - jumbo seafood
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We check out all the best food at Jewel Changi Airport! From the tastiest restaurants at Jewel with Taiwanese, Thai and Peranakan food to conveyor sushi, cafes and dessert shops – consider this the best of the Jewel food directory!

Where can you find the best food at Jewel? Ever since Jewel Changi Airport opened in 2019, it’s been buzzing with activity – and for good reason – Jewel is home to a host of great shopping, fun attractions (like Canopy Park’s slides and bouncy nets) and of course, food. While there are over 100 Jewel F&B options on offer, we shortlisted our faves, including the first Singapore locations for some pretty popular global chains. Did you know many of these Jewel food spots are open 24 hours?! Plus there are always new restaurants at Jewel Changi Airport which keeps things fresh.

Keep scrolling to check out where to head for food at Jewel!

A&W (MUIS Halal-certified food at Jewel)

A&W (MUIS Halal-certified food at Jewel) - jewel food
Image Credit: A&W

Ever since it ceased operations in Singapore back in 2003, A&W lovers here have been patiently waiting for a comeback – and what a comeback it’s been! Everyone’s trying to get their hands on the iconic A&W Root Beer (freshly made in-store daily, just like it was 100 years ago!), which is served in their signature ice-cold frosty mug. You can also sink your teeth into international favourites like the Mozza® Burger, Coney Dogs, Curly Fries, Waffle Ice Cream, Cream Cheese Burgers and Golden Aroma Chicken. A&W Jewel is MUIS Halal-certified.
Jewel food location: #B2-209 (open 24 hours!), Jewel Changi Airport

Sushiro Jewel Changi Airport: Japanese food at Jewel

Sushiro Jewel Changi Airport: Japanese food at Jewel - Jewel Food
Image Credit: Sushiro

Looking for sushi, sashimi and Japanese food at Jewel? Sushiro Jewel Changi Airport offers affordable sushi served on a fun conveyor belt. At Sushiro Jewel Changi Airport, fans can look forward to over 100 varieties of quality sushi and other Japanese dishes, along with limited-time specials and Jewel-exclusive items.
Jewel food location: B2-227/228, Jewel Changi Airport

Beauty in the Pot: hot pot at Jewel

jewel food - beauty in the pot
Image Credit: Beauty in the Pot via Instagram

When you’ve had a bad day, sometimes all you need is to gather around a hot pot with your besties. Known for its comforting broths and wide range of ingredients, Beauty in the Pot is always a popular choice among those who are craving steamboat. Choose from six nourishing broths (and three levels of spiciness) and fill them with fresh ingredients to create the hot pot of your dreams!
Jewel food location: #B2-224/225/226, Jewel Changi Airport

Din Tai Fung: Taiwanese food at Jewel

jewel food singapore - din tai fung
Image Credit: Din Tai Fung Singapore via Instagram

Taiwanese restaurant, Din Tai Fung, needs no introduction! Using the freshest ingredients, you’re guaranteed a satisfying meal at Din Tai Fung that will fill hungry tummies. Order their signature Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao and a warm, comforting bowl of Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup. Kids will love their Fried Rice with Pork Chop and yummy desserts like Coconut Pudding and Yuzu Pudding.
Jewel food location: #03-214, Jewel Changi Airport

TONITO: Latin American food at Jewel

TONITO Latin American Kitchen - jewel food
Image Credit: TONITO Latin American Kitchen via Instagram

Feel like feasting on scrumptious Mexican tacos and hearty Peruvian stews? TONITO Latin American Kitchen is a restaurant at Jewel that offers just that. From quesadillas to tacos, burritos, paella, carne asada and more, plus, kids under 12 can enjoy a free kids’ meal with every adult main ordered!
Jewel food location: #02-248, Jewel Changi Airport

Violet Oon: Peranakan food at Jewel

Violet Oon: Peranakan food at Jewel - jewel food
Image Credit: Violet Oon

We are HUGE fans of the doyenne of Singapore Peranakan cuisine, Violet Oon, and so we love that VO, the restaurant group’s largest outlet to date (at 3,800 square feet) is at Jewel. Look forward to Nyonya classics like DIY Popiah platters and BBW delights from the live charcoal grill station. Need to grab some Singapore souvenirs? There’s also a retail section packed with beautifully packaged foodie gifts!
Jewel food location: #01-205/206, Jewel Changi Airport

JUMBO Seafood at Jewel

JUMBO Seafood food at Jewel Chili Crab - jewel food
Image Credit: JUMBO Seafood

JUMBO Seafood began in the East Coast Seafood Centre and has now blossomed into a multi-branch restaurant known for serving up some of the freshest and most delicious seafood. If you’re looking to dig into their Chilli Crab, Signature Black Pepper Crab, or other seafood, head to their Jewel outlet. You won’t be disappointed with this fab Jewel dining spot!
Jewel food location: #03-202/203/204, Jewel Changi Airport

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant

Breakfast at PAUL with Macarons - food at Jewel Changi
Image Credit: PAUL

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant is the 8th outlet in Singapore serving up mouth-watering French cuisine and classic sweet treats like macarons.
Jewel food location: #B1-225, Jewel Changi Airport

Burger & Lobster

jewel food - burger and lobster
Image Credit: Burger and Lobster via Instagram

Burger & Lobster is known for their signature lobster ($77), prime beef burger ($26) and star of the show, the lobster Original Roll ($46). Plus don’t miss their delectable desserts: Chocolate Decadent served with vanilla bean ice cream and the classic New York Cheesecake. Live lobsters are flown in from Nova Scotia, Canada while the beef is from cattle ranchers in Nebraska, U.S.A.
Jewel food location: #05-203, Jewel Changi Airport

Food Republic: Jewel food court

jewel food singapore - food republic - jewel food court
Image Credit: Food Republic via Facebook

The fam can’t agree on one place to eat? Why not dine at the Jewel food court, where everyone can choose from a variety of cuisines including Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, local fare and more? We love the Jewel food court budget-friendly prices (as compared to other food at Jewel) and the fact that everyone wins!
Jewel food location: Jewel food court #B2-238/239/240, Jewel Changi Airport


Sourbombe Jewel Food Dessert
Image Credit: Sourbombe

Sourbombe began when the runner-up of MasterChef Singapore 2018 wanted to create a modern, non-greasy version of doughnuts. The genius combo of sourdough and Italian Bomboloni creates a light and fluffy Sourbombe that releases imaginative flavours and textures. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, this foodie spot at Jewel is for you. And by the way, they even offer delivery if you want it sent to your doorstep!
Jewel food location: #02-237, Jewel Changi Airport

Fong Sheng Hao

Fong Sheng Hao - jewel food
Image Credit: Fong Sheng Hao

For those who love Taiwanese food, pop by Fong Sheng Hao for a comforting bowl of Lu Rou Fan or Taiwanese toast. What began as a street food stall in the popular Shilin Night Market in Taipei has now become a go-to place for Taiwanese food in Singapore. At this Jewel restaurant enjoy crispy Charcoal Grilled Toasts with Pork, Egg and Cheese, Condensed Milk and more!
Jewel food location: #B2-232, Jewel Changi Airport

KANTIN: Bornean food at Jewel (NEW!)

jewel food singapore - kantin
Image Credit: KANTIN via Instagram

One of the newer additions to food at Jewel is KANTIN, a Bornean restaurant that will take you into Borneo’s wild and legendary rainforest culture through its culinary treasures. From Rainforest Fried Rice to Jungle Omelette, Sarawak Laksa and even the classic Headhunter Pansuh Set, a dish that speaks to Borneo’s traditions.
Jewel food location: #05-206/207, Jewel Changi Airport

Tai Er: Sichuan food at Jewel

Tai Er Restaurant - jewel food
Image Credit: Tai Er via Facebook

For all “ma la” lovers, this one is for you! Known for their super spicy and authentic Sichuan cuisine, Tai Er serves a range of Sichuan dishes like Spicy Sauerkraut Fish or Spicy Chicken with Chilli Pepper. This popular restaurant takes walk-ins, but you may have to wait awhile. So if you’re craving spicy food at Jewel, it’s best to make your Tai Er Jewel reservation in advance to make sure you get a seat!
Jewel food location: #03-208, Jewel Changi Airport

Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè: Halal food at Jewel

mamma mia trattoria e caffe - jewel food
Image Credit: Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè via Instagram

Head to Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè, a casual dining Italian restaurant at Jewel, where you can feast on Italian cuisine. Try their hearty Tortiglioni Rustic Beef Oxtail Bolognaise or Sea Bass Fillet Lemon Risotto for mains and end with classic Tiramisu or a Lemon Meringue Tartlet.
Jewel food location: #04-200, Jewel Changi Airport

Sanook Kitchen: Thai food at Jewel

Phad Thai Sanook Kitchen Jewel food
Image Credit: Markus Winkler via Pexels

Gotta love a comforting plate of Phad Thai! Sanook Kitchen serves authentic Thai cuisine, so you can get your fill of green curry, tom yum soup, and other Thai food at Jewel at a budget-friendly price.
Jewel food location: #03-223/224, Jewel Changi Airport

Soup Restaurant: Cantonese food at Jewel

jewel food singapore - soup restaurant
Image Credit: Soup Restaurant via Instagram

There’s nothing like Cantonese food that reminds you of home. Soup Restaurant’s origin goes all the way back to 1991 when the founders recognised the demand for herbal soups and home-cooked food. Try their Samsui Ginger Chicken, Double-boiled Whole Coconut with Black Chicken Soup and Hometown Tofu that will bring you back to life in old Chinatown.
Jewel food location: #03-201, Jewel Changi Airport

Pita Tree Kebabs: casual Mediterranean food at Jewel

Jewel Food - Pita Tree Kebabs Singapore Mediterranean Food
Image Credit: Pita Tree Kebabs

Craving Mediterranean food? Think freshly prepared kebabs, mezze, rice bowls, salads and more! Pita Tree Kebabs offers casual fare from Chicken Pita Pockets to Falafel salad.
Jewel food location: #B2 – 256, Jewel Changi Airport

Hot Tomato: food at Jewel

jewel food singapore - hot tomato
Image Credit: Hot Tomato via Instagram

Hot Tomato serves grilled steak, seafood and delicious pastas. For something light, order the Salmon Mango Salsa that comes with a side of pasta, while protein lovers can indulge in the super tender and flavourful New Zealand Grass-fed Striploin.
Jewel food location: #04-229, Jewel Changi Airport

Shake Shack: fine casual food at Jewel

Shake Shack: fine casual food at Jewel
Image Credit: Shake Shack

This isn’t news of course, but we couldn’t pass up a mention of everyone’s fave Shake Shack! Serving up signature items including the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog, classic crinkle-cut fries, craft beer, wine and frozen custard ice-cream, this NYC Fine Casual (not fast food) Jewel outlet is looking real swanky, complete with alfresco dining so you can enjoy your burger amongst the foliage.
Jewel food location: #02-256, Jewel Changi Airport

Luke’s Lobster

jewel food - luke's lobster
Image Credit: @jennifahbravo via Facebook

Luke’s Lobster is where you can sink your teeth into delectable lobster, crab and shrimp rolls filled with sustainably sourced wild-caught seafood hailing from the USA and Canada. Also try their Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich or their scrumptious Lobster Bisque.
Where: #01-K209 (next to Arabica), Jewel Changi Airport

Itacho Sushi: Japanese food at Jewel

jewel food - itacho sushi
Image Credit: Itacho Sushi via Instagram

Itacho Sushi is a Japanese restaurant at Jewel, where sushi chefs prepare each item when you order so you are guaranteed ultimate freshness. Choose from over 300 items on the menu ranging from sashimi to sushi, hand rolls and more.
Jewel food location: #B2-210, Jewel Changi Airport

Elfuego by COLLINS: European food at Jewel

jewel changi food elfuego collins halal
Image Credit: Elfuego by COLLINS

Elfuego by COLLINS is a fine dining concept by local food chain COLLINS offering European halal cuisine in a beautiful restaurant setting that’s perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Plus, its location in Jewel makes for a romantic post-dinner stroll around the vortex waterfall!
Where: #02-216, Jewel Changi Airport

Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta: Michelin-starred ramen at Jewel

jewel food - tsuta ramen singapore
Image Credit: Tsuta Ramen

Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta is the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen joint. Founded by Chef Onishi Yuki, the name “Tsuta” is birthed from his conviction that ramen is a noodle dish that Japan can showcase to the world. Its signature dish continues to be the Shoyu Soba – ramen in soy-based broth and topped with truffle puree.
Where: #02-242, Jewel Changi Airport

KOI: bubble tea at Jewel

jewel food singapore - koi bubble tea
Image Credit: KOI via Instagram

Okay, we know this isn’t a restaurant at Jewel, but bubble tea lovers will likely be wondering where they can get their bubble tea fix! Thankfully, you can head to KOI at Jewel to sip on their classic Jumbo Milk Tea, No. 8 Juice, Four Seasons Tea and more. There’s nothing like a quick pick-me-up after a long day of navigating Jewel Changi Airport!
Jewel food location: #B2-263, Jewel Changi Airport

Lavender Bakery: pastries at Jewel

Lavender Bakery Jewel food
Image Credit: Lavender Bakery

Lavender Bakery is one of the must-visits when in Johor Bahru, so we’re super excited to know their artisanal bakes and pastries are now available here! Using Japanese and French pastry making techniques, the bakery creates premium quality desserts and baked goods.
Where: #B2-253/254, Jewel Changi Airport

Yun Nans

Yun Nans - Jewel food
Image Credit: Yun Nans

Yun Nans is the largest casual dining restaurant chain from Yunnan, China, specialising in – you guessed it! – Yunnan cuisine. The Jewel Changi Airport outlet is its first overseas outpost since opening over 150 outlets in China! Yun Nans offers specialities such as steamed pot chicken soup, braised wild porcini mushrooms, Yunnan rice noodles and handmade rose pastries.
Where: #02-217, Jewel Changi Airport

Halal Food at Jewel

If you’re looking for Halal food at Jewel, pop by any of these outlets:

  • A&W
  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Burger King
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Earle Swensen’s
  • Elfuego by Collin’s
  • Food Republic
  • Jinja Chicken
  • KFC
  • Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffe
  • Monster Planet
  • Old Chang Kee
  • Saap Saap Thai
  • Sankranti
  • Sanook Kitchen
  • So Pho
  • Subway
  • Rrooll

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Lead image from JUMBO Seafood via Instagram

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