We strongly believe in good values and the need to instil these values in children since young. The core values of our school are love, empathy and respect and the school’s learning environment is designed and developed based on these values.

Our school believes that children are the driving force behind what they learn and emphasises on active outdoor learning such as discovery, physical development, swimming and sensory play which is designed to cater for the individual needs of each child at various levels. Children are believed to have a hundred different ways of thinking (hence the school name), of discovering and learning and can express themselves through painting, drawing, modelling, sculpturing, dance and movement, imaginative play, music, friendship, poetry and song-creation. Project-based learning allows the children to build on their interests and knowledge. Children and teachers are encouraged to create dialogue, compare, negotiate, hypothesise and problem-solve in small groups. Our school also boasts a very diverse student population with children from more than 10 nationalities and this provides a multi-cultural environment for our children to learn from one another.

Key Information

Student Population
Playgroup - 1:5, N1 - 1:10, N2 - 1:13, K1 - 1: up to 18, K2 – 1: up to 23
Student Teacher Ratio
7am to 7pm
School Hours
Year of Founding
Religious Affiliation


Playgroup (18 months) to K2 (6 years old)

Language Of Instruction



Inquiry-based, bilingual curriculum that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach

International Demographics

Diverse international population including Singaporeans, Australians, Americans, Koreans, Indians, Chinese, British, Swedish, Spanish, Romanians and Argentinians. None of the races currently make up more than 25% of the student population.



Art Studio
Air-conditioned Classrooms

Application & Deadline

Application fee
$300 (non-refundable)
Application deadline
Applications are accepted all year round.
Average tuition fee
Priority to siblings for admissions
Priority to alumni for admissions
Are you academically selective?
Waiting list for any/all grades
Not at the moment. Waiting list will be implemented once any of the classes are filled up.
Catchment area policy
Admissions process

1) Interested parents should fill in the online enquiry form found on the website.
2) The admission process starts with a guided school visit and a formal meeting with the preschool principal.
3) Post this meeting, parents will fill in a registration form to register their children with the centre. A non-refundable registration fee, school deposit, first month’s school fee, uniform and insurance payment will be payable upon registration.
4) Should you withdraw your child at least 4 weeks before his start date, your entire deposit will be refunded to you, but not the registration fee.
5) If you are placing your child on a waitlist, you will need to pay a waitlist deposit to hold your place until your child begins school with us as well as a registration fee. Should you withdraw your child before the chosen start date at the school; the waitlist fee will be forfeited. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Find & Contact Us

Hundred Thoughts Preschool
456 Alexandra Road #04-01 Fragrance Empire Building Singapore 119962