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Community Feel, Great Location & the Reggio Emilia Philosophy: Hundred Thoughts Preschool

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Find out what this mama loves about Hundred Thoughts Preschool!

How do you choose a school for your little one? It is such a big decision and an important step in starting on the right path to education. Find out what the key priorities were for this mama and how she chose a preschool for her toddler.

Parent: Nicola
Nationality: Scottish
Child: Amelia, 2.5 years old
School Location: 456 Alexandra Road, Fragrance Empire Building #04-01, Singapore 119962

How did you first hear about your school?
I saw the sign at the bus stop outside the school.

What factors played into your decision to send your child to this school?
The school uses Reggio Emilia philosophy in their teaching approach. The classes are small in size with low teacher-student ratio. They also have spacious indoor and outdoor areas.

Did you take a tour of the school before making your decision? What were your first impressions?
Yes, I was given a tour around the school and was very impressed. My first impression of the school was that it has new facilities with a lot of lights and space, and that the school is very clean.

How did your child adjust to the school? Did the school take any special measures to help with the settling in process?
She was very upset for 10 days but the school helped tremendously in helping her to settle in by cuddling her and giving her ample time to observe her surroundings.

What in your opinion are the three greatest strengths of the school?
Community feel: All the staff and children know one another.
Location: It is convenient to reach by both bus and MRT, and there is free parking available for the first hour.
Small class size: Children are able to get lots of attention.

How does the school include parents in the community?
I have organised my child to dress up for many celebrations (Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day, etc) and provided food and tokens for the children in the school. The school also allows children to bring in birthday cakes to celebrate their birthdays in the school.

How does the school keep you informed about your child’s progress?
The school keeps me updated through the communication book, regular chats during drop-off/pickup, and also through quality assurance reports during parent-teacher meetings.

What is the number one thing you’d miss if you transferred your child to another school?
I feel that my daughter feels that she is part of the community, building friendships and making best friends, and also being attached to the teachers.

What kind of child (or family) would you say would be the best fit for this school?
Anyone who shares the same values as my points above – the Reggio Emilia philosophy, small class size with low teacher-student ratio and spacious indoor and outdoor areas.

What extra-curricular activities or out of school programmes does the school offer that you have taken part in?
My daughter has attended field trips with the school. I have not physically taken part in the activities but the school has been open to any suggestions I have made for future opportunities.

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