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Outdoor Fun with Kids: Hash House Horrors Family Running Events

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Don’t let the name fool you, mama: Hash House Horrors is a super fun (and muddy!) outdoor running event for the whole fam. We get the rundown on how to get involved.

‘Was there enough mud today?’ the hash president asks.

Half of the children – or horrors as they are called – yell a resounding NO!, while the others cheer YES!, loudly. All of them have dirty feet; many have muddy bums. The kid’s hash, a jungle fun run for all ages, is not for the clean.

Hash House Horrors is the local children’s hash (running) chapter, which has been active since the 1980s. Hashing originated in colonial Malaysia, and typically includes jungle bashing and beer drinking, although in this children’s hash the beer has been replaced by juice (don’t worry, beer is still available for accompanying adults).

Volunteer hares set the run, which is typically between 3 and 5km long, with toilet paper and chalk. All terrains are covered; from urban to greenery to deep jungle, everything goes, and the more challenging – and muddy – the run, the better.

Whether it navigates natural slides, tree trunks or concrete pathways, every hash is unique and an unexpected adventure. Rivers and drains are not shunned; neither are areas with no entrance signs. Your feet will get dirty.

The run is dotted with circles and T-checks, forcing the frontrunners to search, and keep the pack closer together. When the correct track is found, ‘On on!’ is yelled. The Hash House Horrors runs are suitable for children of all ages; while older children dash full speed ahead at the front of the pack, parents with babes in arms or toddlers in tow, hike at a more leisurely speed.

After the run, there is food and circle time, where the Hash House Horrors song is sung to thank the hares, honour jubilees and welcome newcomers, of course with a celebratory drink in hand for the down down. Hash rules state the cup has to end upside down on your head, after. It’s up to you where the drink ends up, but you can imagine that showering parents or siblings is much more popular than drinking it down.

If you want to let your children explore unknown parts of the island, and teach them that dirt and nature are nothing to be afraid of, do join us for a trial run!

Runs are held every other Sunday, and registration starts at 4.15 pm at different locations. Please check the website or Facebook page for up to date information. Guests can join the hash for $20 per child, including food, drinks and ice cream. Accompanying adults don’t pay, but can purchase food for $5 (subject to availability).

On on! 

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