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Admiralty Park Playground: Huge Slides for Kids of all Ages

Admiralty Park, Singapore, Slides, one of the longest slides in Singapore, Children, playground
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Admiralty Park Playground is a fantastic playground for big and small kids alike with 26 slides of varying sizes and heights plus shady trees –making it the perfect playground for the family!

Unlike many other playgrounds in Singapore, Admiralty Park Playground truly caters to ALL ages, from 2-year-olds wobbling down the baby slides to tweens and teens! The older kids’ playground caters to 12-years-olds (officially) – though we met two (gentle) 19-year-olds who were still having fun on the slides and swings.

Admiralty Park Best For: Kids of all Ages!

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Junior Play
Junior Play is aimed at 2 to 5-year-olds and is a riot of fun with enclosed lime green tube slides wedged into a hill, plus metallic open slides of varying heights, bridges, hillocks and tunnels. To make things safe, instead of steps there are cargo nets to reach the slides, or fun slopes marked with footholds to navigate.

Wheel Chair Swing
We loved that there was an Inclusive Playground at the Junior Play area with a swing for wheelchair users only – with hand ropes to be able to swing oneself back and forth, plus an inclusive blue seated merry-go-round with a driving wheel to go faster or slower as you please.

Admiralty Park, terrain wall, Children's playground, Singapore

Admiralty Park Playground’s Family Terracing Play
Best For:
  5 to 12-year-olds
Admiralty Park Playground’s Family Terracing Play area is geared to older kids. Two long, very high double barrel metallic tube slides command the playground with a smart enclosed cargo net to climb back to the top. These slides (approximately 23 metres long and 9 metres tall) are the longest tube slides in a public park in Singapore. Wowza!

Admiralty Park, Singapore, Flying Fox, Children, playground, Kid friendly

Flying Fox – at the top of the hill you’ll find a flying fox that whizzes around a circle and is a hit with the older kids.

Adventure Play
Best For:
 All ages (from 3 to bigger kids as old as 12 +)
The Adventure Play section of Admiralty Park Playground consists of two sets of roller slides – one goes straight down the hill for the thrill seekers (a 32-metre long High Adventure Roller Slide), the other roller slide meanders in curves down the hill and is 34 metres long. The rollers actually slow the slide down so kids going down on their bottoms will need to pull themselves down to build up a bit of speed.
Pro Tip: It’s much faster if you squat so that your feet are on the rollers.

Admiralty Park, Singapore, Swings, special swings, no pushing, Children, playground

There are plenty of swings at Admiralty Park – and we LOVED the Expression Swing (a bucket seat and regular seat on the same swing). No more pushing your little one endlessly by standing behind them – now parents can sit on a swing and swing their little ones automatically!

As mentioned before there’s also a wheelchair swing in the Junior Play as well.

Getting There:
Admiralty Park Playground is situated within the urban park section of Admiralty Park beside Republic Polytechnic, a 15-minute walk away from Woodlands MRT
Location: Admiralty Park, close to the junction of Woodlands Avenue 5 and Riverside Road
Closest Car Park: Admiralty Park West, enter via Riverside Road

Watch more: Video of the NEW Jacob Ballas

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