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NEW: Indoor Playground X-SCAP8: High Element Course, Obstacle Course and Arcade Games

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X-SCAP8 is a new indoor playground for big kids and adults complete with a three-level high element course at over 10m tall, a thrilling X-Warrior Challenge obstacle course and arcade games!

X-SCAP8 (pronounced escapade) just opened at Orchard Central Singapore on Level 7. This new indoor playground promises to be a haven for adrenaline junkies! Let’s take a peek at what to expect at this new fun zone for big kids and adults alike.

X-SCAP8 is a new indoor playground singapore

There are a few different areas of note at X-SCAP8:

  • Infinity & Beyond High Element Course at over 10m tall
  • X-Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course indoor playzone with monkey bars, ballpit, swinging ladders and slide
  • Balls & Birdies Golf Simulator
  • Smash Lab
  • Arcade Games
  • Eat Play Laugh’ Bistro

X-SCAP8: High Element Course at over 10m tall


One of the main draws at X-SCAP8 is the colourful High Element Course. It’s three levels of suspended obstacles and at its highest it is over 10m tall! You’ll be strapped into a safety harness and a helmet before you scale the heights, navigate the obstacle course and walk on balance beams.

Do you dare take the bicycle over the balance beam at Xscap8 orchard?

Do you dare take the bicycle over the balance beam? On level three there’s even a skateboard that balances on a beam!

There’s a minimum height requirement of 1.2m, and a maximum weight limit of less than 120kg. Plus you must wear covered shoes. Kids under 10, must be accompanied by an adult.
Price: Starting from $35 per person for 1 hour (15-minute safety briefing and 45-minute play time). Book ahead..

X-SCAP8 is a new indoor playground

Sassy Mama Review: We tried this X-SCAP8 high element course out and our 7-year-old and 10-year-old had a blast! It was not too difficult to make their way around the X-SCAP8 course. Scariest part? The cheese obstacle side (our palms were sweaty and there was a ‘will I make it moment’?) but we were assured by the staff that even if you lose your grip the safety harness is there to catch you and it is on a very short cord (so you won’t fall below the safety beams). The kids loved trying to skate and cycle along the beam and there was easily time within the 45 mins of active challenge time to navigate the course a few times.
Tip: X-SCAP8 has literally JUST opened so the paint is new – don’t look up when you’re moving your harness rope through the safety beams as you may get some paint flecks falling in your eye!

X-Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course

X-SCAP8 is a new indoor playground

X-SCAP8 also has an indoor Ninja course where the kids can test their agility, speed and strength. This is a shoes-off area and covered socks are compulsory for hygiene purposes. There is a height requirement of 1.2 metres and children below the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Socks are also compulsory in this no-shoes zone.
Price: The X-Warrior Challenge is currently complimentary with a $30 spend per person at the ‘Eat-Play-Laugh’ RestoBar.

Sassy Mama Review: This was fun as an add-on if you are buying food at the cafe anyway so that entry becomes complimentary but it’s probably not enough in this particular zone to keep the kids entertained for too long otherwise.

Retro Arcade Games


There’s also an Arcade Zone with games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Street Fighter and more.
Price: Tokens are priced at $1 each at the Arcade Zone.

Smash Lab


Feeling stressed? Head to X-SCAP8’s Smash Lab where you can yell, scream and shout in the soundproof room. Take your frustration out on recycled bottles and old furniture! There is a minimum age requirement of 18 for this 45-minute session.
Price: from $35 per session for one person and $65 per session for two people and comes with full provision of safety gear and crates of items to break.

There’s also a Balls & Birdies Golf Simulator priced at $60 per session and capped at 4 people per one hour session.

high element course X-SCAP8 is a new indoor playground singapore

Sassy Mama tips when you visit X-SCAP8:

  • Bring your own socks (or you’ll need to purchase these from X-SCAP8).
  • Wear activewear and sport shoes or leggings for the kiddos for the high element and obstacle course.
  • Food and drinks are available at the ‘Eat-Play-Laugh’ RestoBar on site. The burger with avocado and bacon is pretty decent!
  • Nearest toilet: outside X-SCAP8 on Level 7.

 X-SCAP8 opening hours: daily 11am – 10pm.

X-SCAP8, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896, #07-02,

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