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Guide To Tanglin Mall – Where To Eat, Shop & Best Things To Do

Tanglin Mall Singapore
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Boutique brands, quality toy shops, great cafes, and plenty of hair and nail salons–it’s easy to see why Tanglin Mall is popular amongst families. Here is everything you need to know about the heartland shopping mall.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Orchard Road, Tanglin Mall is a quieter alternative in Central Singapore that has the perfect recipe for a wholesome family day out. Great food? Check. Supermarkets and retail gems? Check. Toy stores, baby clothes and child-friendly things to do? Check. Locals may recognise Tanglin Mall for its high-end offerings, but this heartland shopping mall doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to its diverse selection of supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. Here’s what to look forward to when visiting Tanglin Mall:

Kid-friendly Guide To Tanglin Mall:

Tanglin Mall Food: Restaurants, Cafes & Dining Options

Market Blue: Two-in-one Korean grocery & restaurant

Tanglin Mall - Market Blue Korean corn dogs
Image Credit: Market Blue via Instagram

There’s no need to hop on a plane to South Korea when Market Blue exists at Tanglin Mall. You’ll find an array of Korean food to devour at this food court-grocer hybrid. Those with a sweet tooth need to put Donas 8’s doughnuts and desserts on their radar, while K-foodies can bookmark GoGiPan for Korean BBQ. Feeling inspired by the food around you? Pick up some fresh produce and authentic ramyeon from the grocer to cook up a storm at home. You can also find everything from beauty products to fashion items at this Korean one-stop shop.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Market Blue, #B1-122/123/124, Tanglin Mall

La Veranda: Brunch cafe with garden vibes

Tanglin Mall - La Veranda restaurant
Image Credit: La Veranda via Instagram

With a name like La Veranda, it’s no surprise that you’re going to get wholesome garden vibes. Pair that with brunch fare and you’ve got the perfect spot to catch up as a family, or even just steal away for an afternoon with your besties. On the menu are modern French and European gourmet dishes. Dig into Bouchot Mussels that have been flown in from Scotland and the hearty Veranda Wagyu Burger, to name a couple of highlights. The cafe is located in the furniture store House of AnLi, so don’t miss it while you’re at Tanglin Mall.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654House of Anli/La Veranda, #03-128/130, Tanglin Mall

B for Bagel: Korean bagel cafe

Tanglin Mall - B for Bagel peach cream bagel sandwich
Image Credit: B for Bagel via Instagram

Bagels are the perfect food for those who are always on the go, so it’s no wonder it’s a hit with busy Singaporeans. No matter, you’ll want to take it easy trying the many different types of bagels at B for Bagel at Tanglin Mall. You can find an array of savoury bagels and bagel sandwiches, including the Bacon Cheese Omelette Bagel and Smoked Salmon Bagel. Save room for dessert as its sweet offerings as well–tempting options include cookie dough and blueberry, to name just a couple.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654B for Bagel, #B1-125, Tanglin Mall

Sarai: Thai fine-dining restaurant

Tanglin Mall - Sarai Thai fine dining
Image Credit: Sarai via Instagram

Looking for a meal fit for royalty? Then Sarai is your closest bet. Sarai features classic Thai dishes said to have originated in the royal palaces of Thailand. That means you’ll be getting dishes with fresh, high-quality ingredients, all plated beautifully for your consumption. Head over to Sarai for lunch to try their Rediscovery Lunch Menu, featuring unique starters such as a Thai northern-style minced pork with strawberry, and mains such as lamb curry.

Sarai, #03-121/123, Tanglin Malllocation-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654

Lily.S Modern Vietnamese: Traditional dishes with a French twist

Tanglin Mall - LILYs modern vietnamese food
Image Credit: Lily.S Modern Vietnamese via Instagram

Lily.S takes things up a notch with their Vietnamese dishes–its menu is crafted using French culinary techniques. That doesn’t mean this semi-fine dining restaurant is only for the elite. On the contrary, you can expect comfort food such as the crunchy and juicy Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi. Be sure to order the Speciality Pho, though. This classic dish comes with beef that’s air-flown from Australia and features a broth that’s been brewed for over 12 hours with all the goodness of marrow bones.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Lily.s Modern Vietnamese, #01-132/133, Tanglin Mall

Pano Kato: Mediterranean grill, pizza & deli

Tanglin Mall - Pano Kato mediterranean food
Image Credit: Pano Kato via Instagram

With Pano Kato, simplicity is key. Dining here will be akin to getting a home-cooked Mediterranean meal. Its menu features ‘family recipes’ such as Greek stuffed eggplant (Papou’s Imam Bayuldi) and Wagyu beef and lamb meatballs (Soutzoukakia). Kids will be tamed with Pano Kato’s selection of pizzas, which includes gluten-free options and failproof choices such as Hawaiian. Be sure to snap plenty of photos as a family, because the restaurant’s interior featuring green palms and white rattan sets a holiday-like atmosphere.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Pano Kato, #02-142/144, Tanglin Mall

Yantra: Indian fine-dining restaurant

Tanglin Mall - Yantra Indian fine dining cuisine
Image Credit: Yantra via Instagram

One word: lavish. With glossy trimmings, silk wallpapers, and a menu created by an actual culinary historian, you know you’re in for a treat at Yantra. Easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore, Yantra is also home to Corbett Bar, which offers cocktails galore. The restaurant has an Executive Lunch menu featuring mains such as Maithali Maach (Snapper with garlic, coriander, turmeric and mustard gravy). Otherwise, rest assured that there are plenty of dishes from different regions of India to fill your bellies.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Yantra, #01-129/130/131, Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

CS Fresh Gold: Premium supermarket at Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall - CS Fresh Gold premium supermarket
Image Credit: Tanglin Mall

Over at CS Fresh Gold supermarket, you’ll be able to stock up on premium international and local ingredients. Get fine cuts for special home-cooked meals from Ryan’s Butchery Premium Meats, and pick up some fresh seafood from the Live Oyster & Lobster Bar. An Artisanal Australian Bakery also awaits those with a hankering for fresh bakes. Just looking for a quick fix? An array of Ready-To-Eat Meals that include sushi and Asian roasts are easy options for hungry shoppers.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654CS Fresh Gold, #B1-101, Tanglin Mall

Little Farms: All-natural & organic foods

Tanglin Mall - Little Farms market and cafe
Image Credit: Little Farms

Families who are into clean eating will no doubt recognise Little Farms in a heartbeat. What you’ll get here is all-natural and organic produce, meats, seafood and dairy. Little Farms is known for sourcing its groceries from farmers around the world, including Australia and Europe. Other than stocking up on healthy foods, you can wind down at Little Farms’ in-house cafe and bistro with a cup of coffee paired with hearty dishes from the kitchen.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Little Farms, #02-136/138, Tanglin Mall

SCOOP Wholefoods: Affordable & healthy wholefoods

Tanglin Mall - SCOOP Wholefoods
Image Credit: SCOOP Wholefoods via Instagram

Originating from Australia, SCOOP Wholefoods is a home cook’s dream, especially if you love a well-stocked kitchen. Think rows and rows of raw organic and natural ingredients ranging from nuts and chocolates to pasta, rice, and even tea. Sustainability is a big theme here, and you don’t need to worry about wastage given that you can take as much as you need.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654SCOOP Wholefoods Australia, #02-133/135, Tanglin Mall

Araya Shouten: Japanese seafood market with fresh sashimi

Tanglin Mall - Araya Shouten sashimi
Image Credit: Araya Shouten via Instagram

It may be a small market in the basement of Tanglin Mall, but Araya Shouten is a treasure trove of fresh seafood from Japan. You’ll be getting some top-notch seafood here, seeing that the shop also supplies fresh seafood to Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore. Besides that, you can pick up an array of sushi and sashimi, and even customise your own katte don, where you can customise the raw seafood that goes onto a bowl of rice–much like a chirashi don.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Araya Shouten, #B1-115, Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall Retail Stores: Fashion & Homeware

A Raft of Otters: Women-led brands from Singapore

Tanglin Mall - A Raft of Otters
Image Credit: Tanglin Mall

A Raft of Otters is one of those places you’d likely spend considerable time browsing. After all, it carries an array of gorgeous home decor, child-friendly activity boxes, stylish outfits, scented candles and more. What’s unique about this boutique is that every item here is from a female-led brand, which means you’ll be supporting innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654A Raft of Otters, #03-102, Tanglin Mall

White Ginger: Summer outfits from Bali

Tanglin Mall - White Ginger
Image Credit: White Ginger via Facebook

If there’s one place on earth that screams perfect summer vibes, it’s got to be Bali. Get into a holiday mood by picking up some stylish and breezy apparel from White Ginger. Each of their womenswear and menswear pieces are handmade in Bali–think comfortable linen shirts and flowy outfits that you can use all year round in Singapore. Want to bring Bali vibes into your home? They also carry homeware that oozes that vacay feel.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654White Ginger, #03-103, Tanglin Mall

Talk of Town: Fashion boutique with permanent jewellery

Tanglin Mall - Talk of Town permanent jewellery
Image Credit: Talk of Town

Over at Talk of Town, you’ll find a curated collection of ladies’ apparel from designers from Canada, America and Europe. Besides picking up a day dress or a new handbag, you’ll be able to find some truly meaningful jewellery here. That’s because the store has a Sparking Studio, where you can get permanent and personalised jewellery in 10K Gold, 14K Gold, 18K Gold and Sterling Silver.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Talk of Town, #02-145, Tanglin Mall

Asian Palette: Artworks from top Southeast Asian artists

Tanglin Mall - Asian Palette antiques, art and vintage homeware
Image Credit: Asian Palette via Facebook

There’s plenty to see at Asian Palette Gallery, and if you’re an avid art collector, you’ll find it hard to leave empty-handed. Not only does it carry an array of paintings from some of Southeast Asia’s top artists, but it also has rare artworks from Myanmar. In between admiring these, you’ll spot plenty of other decorative and collectible items, including vintage jewellery and traditional clothes.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Asian Palette, #02-148, Tanglin Mall

HYSSES: Aromatic scents for all uses

Tanglin Mall - HYSSES diffuser
Image Credit: HYSSES via Facebook

Chances are, you might smell HYSSES’ array of aromatic scents before you see it. After all, this store is all about making everything smell good, from home scents and personal care products to antibacterial sprays and even pet grooming sprays. Glorious scents aside, you can expect all of HYSSES’ products to be 100% natural, cruelty-free and free of parabens, silicones, and SLS.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Hysses, #B1-107, Tanglin Mall

Hanna Lee: Affordable designer-inspired jewellery

Tanglin Mall - Hanna Lee jewellery
Image Credit: Hanna Lee via Instagram

Who says jewellery with a ‘designer’ feel has to be unattainable? Enter Hanna Lee’s elegant pieces that won’t break the bank. The store has got necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to suit every occasion. You’ll find pieces plated in 18K Gold made with Sterling Silver, featuring elements that enhance its bling such as mother of pearl, enamel and cubic zirconia, to name a few.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Hanna Lee, #02-101, Tanglin Mall

Things To Do With Kids At Tanglin Mall: Kids Clothes, Toys & Enrichment

The Little Showcase: High-end kids gifts & party essentials

Tanglin Mall - The Little Showcase partyware
Image Credit: The Little Showcase via Instagram

Toys, bodycare, swimwear, stationery, accessories–The Little Showcase has got everything the young ones will love. Featuring more than 70 high-end brands, this is the perfect pitstop for picking up gifts, nursery decor and treats for kids of all ages. Planning a birthday party for Junior? You’ll also be able to find party essentials such as balloons, confetti, paper tableware, decor, party hats and more, all under one roof!

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654The Little Showcase, #02-107, Tanglin Mall

The Better Toy Store: Quality toys, puzzles and more

Tanglin Mall - The Better Toy Store
Image Credit: The Better Toy Store via Instagram

Millennial parents may feel a hint of their childhood coming back to life as they browse the shelves of The Better Toy Store. Animal figurines, hand puppets, buildable playsets, wooden toys, puzzles, games, and arts and crafts–if you’ve always wanted to pass the joy of playing down to your kids, you can’t go wrong here. Trust that each item has been carefully curated by the store, ensuring quality and sustainable experiences for kids.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654The Better Toy Store, #02-113/114, Tanglin Mall

Petit Bateau: Long-lasting kids clothes

Tanglin Mall - Petit Bateau kids clothes
Image Credit: Petit Bateau via Instagram

There’s no shame in admitting that kids clothes are meant to go through the harshest of trials. Tumbling, eating, playing outdoors, etc–you get the drill. Well, stock up on fashionable outfits from Petit Bateau and you just may be able to save it for child number two, three and so forth. Its high-quality kids clothes are meant to be long-lasting, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth down the line.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Petit Bateau, #02-105, Tanglin Mall

Abrakadoodle Art Studio: Kids art classes at Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall - Abrakadoodle Art Studio
Image Credit: Abrakadoodle Art Studio

Let your child hone their creative juices at Abrakadoodle Art Studio. It has art classes for kids as young as 20 months old where your kids can learn everything from sketching and painting to sculpturing and arts and crafts. Adult classes are available, too! Other than that, keep your eyes peeled for art camps and events that take place here throughout the year.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Abrakadoodle Art Studio, #03-120, Tanglin Mall

Lil Ninja Academy: Kids gym with bouldering

Tanglin Mal - Little Ninja Academy
Image Credit: Little Ninja Academy via Facebook

Do you have a child who cannot get enough of climbing, swinging and tumbling? Lil Ninja Academy is a great way for them to expel all that energy while developing beneficial physical and mental skills. Classes for children aged from 18 months old to 12 years old are available, and they’ll get to conquer the gym’s many obstacle courses, bouldering walls.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Lil Ninja Academy, #03-116/117, Tanglin Mall

City Ballet Academy: Ballet classes at Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall - City Ballet Academy
Image Credit: City Ballet Academy via Facebook

Known as one of the most established dance schools in Singapore, City Ballet Academy is where little dancers can learn a solid foundation in the art. Classes are available for kids aged 3 to 18, as well as adults. Go classical with Ballet, learn Contemporary and Jazz dance, or pick up other forms of classic dance forms such as Chinese Dance, Salsa and Latin. There are also alternative movement classes such as Body Conditioning, Floor Barre and Progressing Ballet Technique.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654City Ballet Academy, #03-115, Tanglin Mall

Nursing Room & Baby Care Facilities At Tanglin Mall

Heading over with the little ones? There are baby-care facilities at Tanglin Mall, including a diaper changing room on Level 2 that comes with a hot water dispenser, as well as a baby care room on Level 3 that has a nursing room. There is also an outdoor garden on Level 1 if your kiddo needs a little run-around. You can access it from the entrance near Lily.S Modern Vietnamese.

How To Get To Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall Parking

If you’re driving to Tanglin Mall, there are two parking entrances you can look for: one on Grange Road and another on Cuscaden Road. Below are the parking rates at Tanglin Mall.

Monday – Friday:
$2.40 for the first hour
$1.20 for every subsequent 30 minutes
$3.50 per entry from 5.01pm – 6am

$2.40 for the first hour
$1.20 for every subsequent 30 minutes
$3.50 per entry from 1pm – 6am

Sunday and Public Holidays:
$3.50 per entry for the whole day

Tanglin Mall Transport

The nearest MRT to Tanglin Mall is Orchard Boulevard MRT station (TE13) which is on the Thomson-East Coast Line. The station is a 4-minute walk to Tanglin Mall.

There are many buses services that will bring you to the vicinity of the mall. Just be sure you’re headed towards the following roads: Grange Road, Tomlinson Road, Napier Road and Tanglin Road. View the whole list of bus services here.

Tanglin Mall Opening Hours

Tanglin Mall opens daily from 10am to 10pm. However, some stores, supermarkets and F&B outlets have varying opening hours. For example, CS Fresh Gold opens from 8am to 10pm, while Little Farms opens as early as 7.30am to 9.30pm. To be safe, be sure to check out the Tanglin Mall directory before heading down to your desired store.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933,

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Lead Image Credit: Tanglin Mall via Facebook

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