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Mama does Mustafa: THE Little India Shopping Center

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mustafa_dcgNow listen up mamas because here is a tip for one of those lovely 2-in-1 activities, which mama and mini both benefit equally from, and as we all know that’s the best kind of activity there is for time-starved parents. So why does an outing to Mustafa Shopping Center in Little India qualify, you may think? Well first of all, Little India is a destination in itself with all the spices, glitzy clothing and street vendors to gaze at for the kids. Not to mention some fab street food. Yum.

Another big plus is that you can take the MRT there. Kids love public transport and it also eliminates the scenario where you have to tell a Singapore cabbie which way to go, when the main reason you took a taxi in the first place was because you don’t know how to get somewhere (and yes, we do find that frustrating).

So take the MRT and get off at Farrer Park and then it’s only a 5 minute walk to get to Mustafa. A more suitable name would actually be Aladdin’s Shopping Center, with the only difference being that here, the treasures are not exactly hidden but you do have to dig for them a bit. And if you’ve got a slightly turned-up nose/snobbish side to you, don’t bother. This place is for bargain hunters. But if you are the kind of person who doesn’t care where you buy your Redken shampoo if it’s $25 instead of $35 then think of Mustafa as your home away from home.

1157894248It’s hard to say what they sell here; it’s more a question of what they don’t sell really. They have electronics, household goods and toiletries, make up, perfume, groceries, travel agents, shipping agents and the list goes on. This in turn means that there is an endless supply of things for the kids to look at and fiddle with while mama bags some big bargains. Bring your helper and have her stock up on some staple goodies to send back to her family.

Do keep in mind that you don’t bargain about the bargains here, the price is what’s on the tag. And whatever you do, don’t miss the ginormous groceries section, which takes up a whole floor. We wouldn’t go there for the quaint shopping experience or for picking out date night dinner but for pretty much everything else you need around the house, such as cereal, baking goods, juice, cans and jars as well as a pretty good fresh fruit and veg section.

So stop being a prissy missy! Join the fun, shop in bulk and spend the money that you save on something that truly matters – shoes.

How to get there:
Take the MRT North East Line and get off at Farrer Park. Walk back on Serangoon Road and turn in on Syed Alwi Road where Mustafa is on your right hand side.

Suitable for: Little walkers and toddlers — strollers are very hard to maneuver inside Mustafa Shopping Center

Sassy Mama tip: Go in the morning when it’s less busy so you don’t have to elbow your way through the aisles!

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