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Guide to Tekka Market: Reopens 30 September After Revamp

tekka market closed renovation july 2023
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If you’re looking for cheap vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood check out Tekka Market which reopens on 30 September 2023 after a 3-month renovation.

Wet markets are such a wonderful and unique feature of Singapore and Tekka Market (also known as Tekka Centre) – which sits right at the beginning of Little India (Serangoon Road, or first left onto Buffalo Road for easy underground parking) is definitely one of the most vibrant food markets! While you’ll see many tourists on private tours here, Tekka Centre/Tekka Market is a hot spot for foodies carefully picking out the perfect vegetables and fresh fish as well as those after a quick biryani lunch!

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Tekka Market reopens 30 September 2023

Tekka Centre was closed for 3 months for renovation works and will fully reopen on 30 September 2023. The improvements include a fresh coat of paint on the Tekka Centre building facade, installation of new flooring, new tables, chairs, and fans, as well as upgraded toilets. The retail stalls on the second floor were reopened on 31 August (well in time for Deepavali and Indian clothes shopping) while the first level, which houses food stalls and a wet market, opens on 30 September 2023.

**Do note that after the 3-month closure of Tekka Market we are unsure how many stalls will have reopened from 30 September 2023 

Tekka market opening hours and closed for renivation
Image credit: via Flickr by Mat Honan

Shopping Guide to Tekka Market / Tekka Centre

Busy, bustling, hot, noisy and ‘aromatic’ (because Tekka is famous for its cooked food stalls and biriyani in addition to fresh produce), the Tekka Market experience can be a little daunting and overwhelming at first, but once you know your way around and take the time to talk to the friendly sellers, you’ll definitely be eager to be back to buy the inexpensive and extremely fresh produce.

Tekka Market Tips

  • If you are buying meat, poultry or seafood you must specify exactly how you would like it presented to you. Most of the produce at the wet market is still in its ‘original condition’, which can include things like heads and tails still intact! Be specific in your instructions to avoid finding unwanted surprises in your shopping bag when you get home.
  • In busy Tekka Market, don’t let the pushy regulars or flying pieces of chicken (yes, it happens) daunt you!
  • Just remember to bring cash – no credit cards accepted at Tekka market!
  • Bring a shopping trolley or big eco-friendly grocery bag, plus wear closed and comfy shoes.
Tekka Market in sinagpore
Image credit: via

Where is Tekka Market?

You’ll find Tekka Market at 665 Buffalo Rd, L1 Tekka Centre, Singapore 210665. Tekka Centre houses a covered indoor wet market, a food court (famous for its biryani stalls), and a shopping area (it’s where many head to in order to buy Indian clothing especially towards Deepavali). Tekka Market, much like nearby Mustafa Centre is considered a one-stop shopping destination!

Tekka Market Opening Hours

Tekka Market’s opening hours are usually 6:30am until 5pm. While most of Singapore’s wet markets close around noon, Tekka Market has one of the longest opening hours for a wet market and opens till late afternoon.

Food Court at Tekka Centre: Biryani stalls

Tekka food court on the same level as Tekka market is a good place for Sri Lankan breakfast or a meal spanning Chinese, Western, Indian and Muslim food. The Tekka Centre food court is said to have a whopping 119 food stalls to choose from! One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is the Indian food stalls selling biryani – everything from chicken biryani to fish biryani, tandoori chicken, roti prata and ginger hot tea!

Tekka Market Shopping Guide

tekka market cheap seafood and produce
Image credit: via via Flickr by pratts

Tekka Market is one of the largest wet markets in Singapore with 284 stalls, offering everything from fresh vegetables, to fruits and herbs, dry goods, all kinds of seafood from Sri Lanka crabs, to huge prawns, sea bass, octopus and squid as well as different meats from mutton, to goat, beef, pork, chicken, and more.

Armed with my top 10 Tekka market stalls list, you’ll soon be shopping at Tekka Market like a pro:
**Do note that after the 3-month closure of Tekka Market we are unsure how many stalls will have reopened from 30 September 2023 

1. Fruit stall #01-161, Tekka Market

Tekka Market (closed for renovation July - September) - where to shop for cheap vegetables and cheap meat at Tekka market
Image: Namita Moolani Mehra

Just around the corner from all the delicious food at the food center, this fruit stall has an amazing variety of kid-friendly fruits like berries, pomegranate, avocados, apples and pineapple that are well priced, ripe and ready to eat. In addition, you’ll find lots of wonderful tropical fruits like mangoes (several varieties and so much cheaper than the supermarket), custard apple, persimmon, longan and lychees. Some of the fruit (pomegranate and pineapple, for example) is even prepped and cleaned for you to eat right away. The owner is friendly and will answer all your fruit-related questions.

2. Chia’s Vegetables Supply, stall #01-08, Tekka Market

tekka market closed renovation july 2023
Image credit: Chia’s Vegetables Supply at Tekka Market

One of the biggest and most well-known stalls in the market, Chia has every vegetable under the sun! From beautiful fresh kale, baby spinach and fresh salad leaves to Thai eggplant, Mexican peppers, fresh and dried herbs…Asian vegetables and western vegetables… it’s all here! The sellers are very friendly and helpful.

3. Fresh Vegetable stalls at Tekka Market

Tekka Market in singapore shop guide
Image credit: via via Flickr by pratts

Tekka market stall #01-190 is noteworthy with an abundance of green leafy vegetables, fresh ginger, garlic, chillies (all the usual) and stall #01-174 stands out too (even though it’s right in the corner) because she has one of the largest selection of greens in Tekka Market!

Just across from the fruit stall above is Lee #01-184, where you can find an abundance of fresh veggies that are pre-portioned, packed and ready to grab and go. They will give you a basket which you can fill up with everything you want… and then once you’re done just hand over your basket for them to ring you up. All the basic veggies can be found here, plus interesting ones such as bittergourd, okra, different kinds of pumpkin, lovely fresh lemongrass, and even fresh turmeric (a favourite of mine — great for soups, stews and fresh tea!).

4. Lim’s Coconuts & Sundry Products #01-188, Tekka Market

Just a few stalls down from Lee, you’ll hear the music blaring and see a small stall with two kinds of fresh grated coconut coming out of a funky looking machine. One kind of coconut is for extracting coconut milk, while the other can be used for chutneys and desserts. You can also ask for fresh coconut milk which he has in his chiller and which keeps well for up to 7 days in the fridge. Fascinating to watch the coconut grating machines at work here!

5. Fresh Tofu & Noodles, stall #01-206, Tekka Market

Tekka Market known for biryani and cheap food stalls and produce
Image: Pexels

A short walk further down from the grated coconut seller you will come across a stall selling all kinds of fresh noodles – egg, rice, bee hoon, kway teow, plus fresh tofu, gula Melaka and lovely crunchy bean sprouts. This stall always inspires me to want to whip up a lovely pad thai each time I pass by!

6. P&M Eggs, stall #01-102, Tekka Market

A very popular stop in Tekka Market for fresh eggs, this stall is always busy! You will find all kinds of eggs here including kampong eggs, quail eggs and local fresh eggs in regular and jumbo sized eggs.

7. Seeni Mohamad, stall #01-118, Tekka Market

This Tekka Market stall sells some interesting spice mixes for curries and marinades. This stall also has some interesting and useful pantry items such as ghee, rice, dry mango powder (one of my favourites!), biryani masala, lentils and a host of other foods that might inspire you or that you might need for that curry you were thinking of preparing.

If you’re looking for a bigger variety, then pop over to Buffalo Road where you can find lots of Indian grocery stores or even Mustafa, but if you need just a few things and you’re carrying a heavy bag – this Tekka stall is super handy!

8. Chicken man Boon Leng, stall #115, Tekka Market

Tekka market closed for renovation

Selling fresh halal chicken, this Tekka stall is popular for whole kampong chicken, and of course you can have your chicken prepared and cut to order here. We even spotted a black chicken. This is actually one of the cleanest fresh chicken sellers I have come across; he cleans the chicken of all the unnecessary fat. You can call ahead and place your order. Here you can buy chicken for barbecues, chicken fillets, special parts of the chicken, such as drumsticks, winglets, mid-joint, breast meat, and chicken feet (for the adventurous ones).

P.S. The whole area within Tekka Market where the chicken, meat and fish sellers are located is not for the faint hearted. I had a piece of chicken fly and land right on my foot as I walked by!

9. Lee Yit Huat Trading, stall #01-53, Tekka Market

One of the largest and most famous seafood sellers in Tekka market, these guys have a tremendous variety of prawns (some really giant ones), squid and fish- including salmon fillets, whole snapper and dozens of other local fish which they will prepare and cut/clean to order. They have a wide variety of fish and also sell fresh salmon. This Tekka stall is where real fish lovers come to shop…watch and learn how they pick out the freshest fish!

10. M.A. Osman stall #01-130, Tekka Market

A favourite stall within Tekka Market, especially with the Indian and Pakistani diaspora, M.A Osman (stall #01-130) sells fresh goat meat, which can be hard to come by in Singapore. His customers swear by the freshness and tenderness of his meat, which – though not cheap – cooks really well for some rich curry, biryani or kebabs. You can buy goat chops, boneless or bone-in goat pieces as well as goat mince here. He offers home delivery for orders over $50.

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Last tip – it’s no good shopping on an empty stomach, so either before you start your round of shopping at Tekka Market or as a treat at the end, I highly encourage you to take a break at the Tekka Centre food section where you can indulge in a glass of sugarcane juice along with a nice spicy biryani or prata or naan with curry….the options are endless at Tekka centre.

**Do note that after the 3-month closure of Tekka Market we are unsure how many stalls will have reopened from 30 September 2023 

Getting to Tekka Market & Parking

Tekka market has a very busy taxi rank on the Buffalo Road side, but is also conveniently located just 150m from the Little India MRT station. There’s also an underground car park for those who drive.

First published in 2022, updated in 2023

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