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How to make our post-pregnancy breasts a little perkier? We ask the experts!

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A lot of mamas worry that their breasts will never be the same after giving birth and breastfeeding. And lingerie professionals are used to the “Aha! So thats where my breasts went!” moment from clients during a fitting. But many mamas dont actually realise theres a problem to begin with, never mind that there is a solution to fix it!

During and after pregnancy, weight fluctuations due to hormonal changes cause the breasts to increase in size. At the same time, stretching of the breast tissue causes it to become “looser” and more susceptible to gravity and other external forces. What women tend to notice is that the breasts may appear smaller than before, often without the fullness they once had. Because of this, a mother-to-be will start to wear smaller bras to accommodate what look like smaller breasts.

The reality is that the breasts have not reduced in size, but have actually dropped a little lower on the chest than usual. Wearing smaller cups in this scenario will actually push the breast tissue away from the chest area, toward the underarms, back, upper torso and sometimes even the upper arms. Remember that during this time the breast tissue is “looser” than usual, accentuating this problem greatly. As time goes by, wearing a poorly-fitting bra in the wrong size will cause the breasts to become smaller and saggier, and the upper arms and back to become thicker (the dreaded back fat!), resulting in poor posture and a wide silhouette.

So is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is! Thankfully, all this can be prevented and to a certain extent, reversed by wearing a properly fitting bra that is of the correct size. Once adequately supported, breast tissue in the chest area will remain where it should, since the bra cups will have adequate room for the breasts. The tissue won’t migrate to the underarms, back and upper torso… back fat averted! A bra with high wings and cups that are well supported can, over time, move tissue that has migrated to the sides back into the chest area. Sag can be reduced and breasts can be lifted back up to their natural position if you wear a bra with a strong underband, since the support needs to be provided here, rather than by the shoulder straps. Overall, in a bra with adequate lift, support, and hold, your breasts will look fuller, with more volume all around, along with a slimmer body shape.

Sounds like a lot to remember? It’s actually not at all hard to achieve by yourself – always try multiple sizes of the same style of bra until you get the right fit, and if you feel this is too daunting a task any good lingerie specialist (such as Braologie) should be able to help you with a professional fitting.


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