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How to Avoid Diaper Rash: Tips from Natural Moony Diapers

natural moony diapers rash how to prevent
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Avoiding diaper rash can be a lot easier than you think! Keep reading for Natural Moony’s top tips on keeping your little one’s delicate bum clean and rash-free

There’s nothing worse than seeing our little ones in discomfort due to diaper rash! It’s especially common in very young babies as their skin is incredibly sensitive and delicate in the newborn days. But diaper rash can even follow kids well into their first and second year of life – for as long as they are in diapers! Diaper rash often has to do with skin sensitivity, prolonged usage of wet diapers and usage of unsuitable diapers due to skin-irritating materials.

So how can you avoid diaper rash? Here are our top tips!

how to prevent diaper rash natural moony diapers water wipes

1. Clean the skin gently

Rinse your baby’s bottom with warm water during diaper changes. You can also use alcohol-free and fragrance-free baby wipes, or non-soap cleansers. Gently pat the skin with a towel or let it air dry, but do not rub.

2. Use a good quality barrier cream

Barrier creams can be lifesavers for those angry, red bums! Prevent chafing with a good quality barrier cream and your baby will likely feel more comfortable in their diaper. Or better yet, choose a diaper that wicks away moisture like Natural Moony diapers. This means your baby’s bottom will stay dry for up to 12 hours.

how to prevent diaper rash natural moony diapers

3. Change diapers often so baby isn’t wearing a wet nappy for too long

Wetness can cause a lot of irritation to sensitive skin, so make sure you aren’t letting baby sit in a soiled diaper for too long. Have a regular nappy changing schedule so you always keep their bum fresh and dry. Natural Moony Diapers has not one but three wetness notification strips making it super easy to check for wetness. Natural Moony diapers also have superior absorbency with the ability to hold in wee overnight with no leaks!

4. Make sure baby’s bum is dry before putting on a new diaper

Speaking of ‘dry’, let that booty dry fully before you put on a fresh new diaper. Damp skin can trap moisture in the diaper and cause discomfort on baby’s skin.

natural moony diapers organic cotton

5. Use diapers made with organic cotton and no harsh chemicals

Organic cotton is one of the gentlest materials, making it suitable for sensitive skin, so choose diapers with an organic cotton lining and no harsh chemicals for your bub – like Natural Moony diapers! Along with a breathable organic cotton layer, Natural Moony diapers also contain jojoba oil, olive oil and rice oils, making them even gentler and safer for baby’s skin. The middle, back part of the diaper is dubbed the ‘runny stool zone’, and is able to catch runny stools by using an unevenly-textured absorption zone (so important for young babies!). The diapers are also additive-free, meaning the materials that come into contact with the skin are made with a weak acidic sheet that won’t aggravate your little one’s skin.

natural moony diaper rash how to prevent

We hope that helps, mamas! Diaper rash is no fun, but you can try to avoid it with our tips and give Natural Moony diapers a shot for your little one.

Always see a doctor if diaper rash persists.

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