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8 Tips for Better Sleep for Babies & Toddlers

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Baby not sleeping very well? We’ve been there. Here are our top tips to encourage better sleep in babies and toddlers (diaper absorbency could be a factor!)

Help! I feel like I’ve barely slept at all since my baby was born. 

First of all: welcome to motherhood. Secondly, all hope is not lost! You could just be a few steps away from better sleep for you and your baby. All you have to do is a little troubleshooting – we’ll admit it’s easier said than done (as with most things in parenting!) but we hope these tips will help you get closer to a night of good rest!

1. Set a routine

It’s no secret that most babies love routine. We know this could mean sacrificing your social life and disrupting your daily flow, but we promise it’ll be worth it in the long run!

2. Have blackout curtains for the room

Can you sleep when it’s still light out? Neither can most babies! Simulate night time and encourage better sleep by ensuring the room is dark so your child thinks it’s late and will hopefully get drowsy enough to sleep.

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3. Make sure baby’s not hungry

Ensure your baby is getting their full nutritional needs in the daytime so that they aren’t waking up in the night to feed. Try giving your bub their evening meals closer to bedtime or giving them an extra snack/feed before bed to make sure they stay full and sleep longer.

4. Have an earlier nap time

Could your little one be napping a little too late in the day? Try rejigging their routine by waking them earlier in the morning so they’ll get sleepy for naps earlier too. That way they’ll be tired enough once bedtime rolls around and they’re more likely to sleep better and longer.

5. Wind down before bedtime

Setting a bedtime routine is essential to get them feeling sleepy! About an hour before bedtime, give your bub a nice warm bath, dim the lights, give them a soothing massage (if they happen to like it), dress them in their jammies quietly, put on some calming balms or oils (we hear anything lavender-scented helps), and read a bedtime story before putting your bub in their bed while drowsy but still awake. Hopefully they will ready to drift off to sleep on their own and sleep all night!

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6. Make sure baby knows how to self-soothe

OK we have to admit, this one’s a toughie! Babies need to learn to self-soothe in order to manage their nightly wakes. If they murmur and make noises at night, don’t rush to them immediately. See if you bub can find their own way back to sleep. Self-soothing is a really important skill for your baby to learn and if they aren’t using you (or anything else like a pacifier or breastfeeding or rocking as a crux to fall back to sleep) then they’ll be one step closer to sleeping through the night!

7. Gradually train your baby to sleep on their own

One of the top tips we always hear from mamas is: put your baby down while they’re still awake! This way they’ll learn to drift off to sleep on their own and won’t be as dependent on you during bedtime.

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8. Put on comfortable, leak-proof diapers

Us mamas are increasingly aware of the benefits of organic food, beauty and skin products, but let’s not forget the importance of good quality diapers! If you really think about it, diapers come in contact with baby’s skin almost 24/7 for at least the first year of their life. So if you’re tired of rashes, red bums, or leaks, don’t give up mama – try Natural Moony Diapers instead!

The new range from Japan offers diapers with an organic cotton layer to cradle baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Natural Moony diapers contain jojoba oil, olive oil and rice oils, making them even gentler and more safe for baby’s skin. They also have superior absorbency with the ability to hold in wee overnight with no leaks, keeping baby’s bottom dry for up to 12 hours! The middle, back part of the diaper is dubbed the ‘runny stool zone’, and is able to catch runny stools by using an unevenly-textured absorption zone. It absorbs quickly and away from the skin, curbing any potential skin irritation or messy accidents! The diapers are also additive-free, meaning the materials that come into contact with the skin are made with a weak acidic sheet that won’t aggravate your little one’s skin.

Plus, late-night nappy changes will be made easy thanks to not one, not two, but three wetness notification strips on Natural Moony Diapers – all you have to do is roll up baby’s onesie to check for wee! So make sure you check out their Lazada store for the latest deals and find out how to get an extra 10% off till 31 December 2020!

Make sure to download our handy checklist!

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Good luck, and sleep easy, mama!

Brought to you in partnership with Moony

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