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How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party in Singapore

virtual birthday party singapore kids
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Social distancing is here to stay, so forget traditional kids’ birthday parties for now. Here’s how to throw a virtual birthday party in Singapore, from cake and decorations to party entertainment!

Birthday parties are a pretty big deal with kiddos, particularly the under-10 set. Coronavirus and the Phase 2 (HA) restrictions have done so much to disrupt children’s lives, so as parents it’s only natural that we’d want to do whatever we can to make them just a little bit happier. Sadly, the necessities of social distancing have also meant that kids can’t see their friends for playdates, and certainly can’t visit traditional birthday party venues. So what’s a parent to do? Throw a virtual birthday party, of course!

They key elements to a good virtual birthday party include a solid video chat set-up, party entertainment (we’re amazed at how so many party entertainers have adapted to the virtual birthday party game), and food (thank goodness Singapore’s best birthday cake bakeries are still operating!). Of course a toddler birthday party will differ quite a bit from a birthday party for teens; read on for our top tips on throwing a stellar virtual birthday party in Singapore, no matter the age!

Virtual Birthday Party Planners
Birthday Party Invitations
Birthday Party Decorations, Theme & Party Favors
Birthday Party Entertainment & Games
Birthday Party Food

virtual birthday party singapore jellybean party online magic shows
An online magic show with Jellybean Party

Virtual Party Planners

If you want to put together a really happening shindig but need more than a dash of creative inspo (because between work-from-home, home learning, and kids who can’t leave the house we’ve all got too much on our plates!), start by reaching out to one of Singapore’s fab party planners, many of whom have been able to quickly pivot and adapt to the new virtual birthday party landscape.

They’re full of fun and creative online party ideas – think mermaid fins, a virtual LEGO party, creative craft kits, virtual balloon sculpting, and much, much more. This is a great one-stop solution that will cover everything from invites, to food, to décor, entertainment, and party favors. Here are some of our fave party planners who are offering specific virtual party packages for these crazy COVID times:

virtual birthday party singapore paperless post invitations
Two virtual party invitations from Paperless Post

Virtual Birthday Party Invitations

Even if you’re not having a physical party, you’ll still need to make sure people block out the date and time for your online party (and have easy access to the Zoom link). If you engage the services of a party planner, they may provide physical or digital invitations.

You can also go the DIY route and send invitations either by email or WhatsApp – designing the invite is actually a fun way to get kiddo involved in the process. Canva has heaps of free templates you can customize, or you can go a little bit fancier with Paperless Post, which has actually created a whole new category dedicated to virtual parties!

virtual birthday party singapore misty daydream balloons
Misty Daydream offers up an impressive balloon selection with next-day delivery

Decorations & Party Favors

One nice thing about an online party is that you probably don’t have to worry about decorations quite so much – we love the idea of creating a virtual Zoom birthday party background at no cost (and zero waste)!

That said, coming up with some sort of a theme will help get your attendees excited and feel like they’re doing more than just sitting in front of the computer screen again. You could create custom t-shirts, or deliver party hats and balloons ahead of time. Check out our guide to party decorations for more inspo.

The below vendors are all pros at birthday party decorations, and many of them are even delivering birthday party kits that you can share with your party attendees:

virtual birthday party singapore fizazzle
Fizazzle has been delighting kiddos with its Zoom parties

Virtual Party Entertainment & Games

You thought it was hard wrangling a bunch of 3-year-olds to play Pass the Parcel or gather round for cake? Try holding their virtual attention (have we mentioned we bow down to the teachers who managed home-based learning?).

Even if you’ve got decorations, food and party favors sorted, it’s well worth bringing in a professional to handle 30 minutes or an hour of entertainment – they’re better equipped to manage technical difficulties, and chances are they have more awareness of how to get everyone involved. Below is a whole slew of different entertainment options:

For even more virtual birthday party inspo, check out our roundup of online enrichment classes – with everything from coding to crafts – along with lots of ideas for DIY online party games.

birthday cakes and cupcakes from zizou cake boutique
Zizou Cake Bakery has both full birthday cakes and cupcakes for delivery

Birthday Party Food & Drinks

Kiddos tend to take birthday cake very seriously, and fortunately all of our favorite birthday cake bakeries are still baking. There’s an added degree of difficulty making sure all your party attendees get a slice, however – cupcakes are an easier bet for party guests, and delivery from mainstays like Plain Vanilla Bakery and Twelve Cupcakes can be arranged through a number of food delivery servicesFusspot and Foodie have also put together super fun tea party and movie night packages that can be delivered to multiple homes.

For an older kid or teen party, why not send everyone a pizza? For an adult party, check out some of the special meal bundle options featured on Dine In Movement, and definitely read up on the myriad cocktail delivery options currently available in Singapore!

Phase 2 HA and the ongoing stress of adjusting to the “new normal” has worn on all of us. Kiddos are wonderfully resilient, though, and we don’t doubt that with a little creativity you’ll be able to create virtual birthday party memories that they’ll never forget!

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