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Sassy Mama Bids Farewell (and Thank You) to Jani Combrink of Stork’s Nest Singapore

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Friends far and wide have come together to wish Stork’s Nest Singapore’s Jani Combrink a fond farewell, won’t you join us, mama?

Jani Combrink is the founder of Stork’s Nest Singapore, a parents’ support group on Facebook that has become a daily support tool in so many mamas’ (and papas’) lives.

She is also a nurse, midwife and lactation consultant.

And she’s an amazing wife, mother of 3 boys and friend to so many.


Singapore will be a slightly sadder place in a few weeks time — Jani and her family will be departing the Little Red Dot to make the permanent move back to their home country of South Africa. This was a surprise announcement that neither Jani – nor anyone else – took lightly! To our great relief, Jani will still be participating in Stork’s Nest’s online discussions, though we’re sad we’ll no longer see her at our pregnancy coffee mornings.

Stork’s Nest started back in 2012 with only 20 of Jani’s close friends. To date, they have established a strong parenting support group reaching out to more than 7,000 like-minded people living in Singapore and beyond. It’s the rare online parenting group that’s able to maintain a respectful, supportive, and positive vibe where all members are treated with dignity and a lack of judgement.

jani stork's nest hair charity

It was Jani and her SNS ‘Angels’ who selflessly gave up their time (& Jani’s hair!) to raise funds for their chosen charity, Star PALS, through different initiatives such as the ever so popular Annual Sale (next one 28th May at AIS, stay tuned for more info!), the very competitive Annual Quiz Night & Charity Auction, and that one special night where Jani shaved her hair off!

In 2015 alone, Stork’s Nest went the extra mile to raise more than $43,000 for StarPALS!

jani stork's nest

So what does Jani mean to us? This is what those touched by her had to say:

“Jani comes into people’s lives at exactly the moment they need someone like her the most. She is warm, generous and kind. She doesn’t judge new mums for any of their choices, doesn’t preach and helps people realise they are doing the best thing they can for their baby.

At a personal level she has helped as many women as she can fit into the hours of the day, and through Stork’s Nest she’s managed to stretch that number further than even she expected.”
– Vicky Taylor, SNS Angel

“Even though Jani won’t physically be in Singapore, she’s leaving a little bit of Jani in all of us… Her soul, love & effort remains!

Through Jani, I’ve learnt grace, love, friendship, how to be a better parent… and that you can never have too much wine!”
– Brynie McBurney, SNS Angel


“I count myself very lucky to have met Jani not long before she created SNS and to have watched the passion, selflessness and devotion that come from her every day – that has taken it from a fledgling online support group to the incredible group it is today. There are rare times in anyone’s life that they are privileged to meet such an extraordinary person. I am privileged to call her my friend.” 
– Kate Moreau, SNS Angel (from day one!)

“To the only friend who has ever juggled my boobs, has kept me sane, has made me laugh and let me cry. I’m going to miss our impromptu coffees by the pool and our drink sessions on the stoep. Love you loads.”
Desiree Pretorius, Friend & SNS Angel

“I am immensely grateful for Jani’s guidance, knowledge, and support. Her spirit shines so brightly and her generosity is immeasurable.

As a leader, a friend, and generally a true ba ass…I’m going to truly miss this amazing woman.
Ashley Davies, SNS Member (from day one!)


“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jani in making Singapore a supportive place for mothers. Driven by her ideals and fuelled by sheer passion, Jani inspires those around her to roll up sleeves and make a difference. She is leaving her Stork’s Nest baby behind but many families she has touched, directly or indirectly, will remember her fondly.

I will greatly miss her smile, hug, supportive words and tenacity.

Wishing you an exciting new adventure Jani! Much love!”
 Silvia Wetherell, SNS Angel & Director of More Mindful & Mindful Mums

“It takes a very special kind of soul to affect so many people so positively when many of us haven’t ever met Jani in person, or only met her briefly in passing. What a legacy she’s leaving behind! Lucky South Africa!”
– Rasha Rushy, SNS Member

“Thank you Jani for all you have done to all of us here. Stork’s Nest has been a HUGE relief and support, especially as so many of us live far away from home and our families, which makes the new role of parent even tougher. Coming on Stork’s Nest to ask the silliest thing and knowing it was always a judgment-free zone was priceless. Thank you again.”
– Caroline Djendoyan, SNS Member


“We will miss you very much Jani! What an incredible legacy you have created for women, their babies and families — thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do! Best wishes for your move, and I’m happy we will still see you as involved as ever, even from afar.”
– Vanessa Wright, SNS Member

“Jani, you are an amazing woman and certainly one that has left a community better off for having being in their midst. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you! I had my second child in Singapore and you and the Stork’s Nest group played such a big and positive role during my pregnancy, during the first year especially. Living in Singapore far from family, Stork’s Nest became my family and who I turned to for baby advice. You will never know, at 3am with a one month old, how much it meant to me I could ask a question and get positive and helpful responses. You are fabulous Jani!”
– Danielle Benson, SNS Member


Lead image, images #4, #5 and #6 all via Littleones Photography. Image #2 via Tina George. 

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