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Best Baby Skincare Products & Brands in Singapore For Your Mini-Me

best baby skincare products - The Honest Company
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Care for your little one’s skin with these baby skincare products and brands in Singapore

Newborn baby skin is quite a delicate affair, and that’s why we mamas don’t mess around when it comes to baby skincare products. Whether you’re in the market for baby lotions that soothe eczema issues, diaper balm that can quickly calm irritated skin and even organic baby skincare products that are environmentally friendly, we’ve got you covered with a list of great baby skincare brands to get you started.

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sanosan: 24-hour moisturising baby’s delicate skin

best baby skincare products - sanosan
Image Credit: sanosan

sanosan’s been a champion of healthy baby skin for more than four decades, and this family-run brand’s baby skincare products in Singapore are a hit with mamas everywhere. Keeping each generation’s well-being at the front and centre, sanosan’s baby products contain only the best ingredients, and are made with careful production and elaborate quality controls. sanosan’s Baby Bath & Shampoo (available in 200ml and 500ml) is a two-in-one product that is ideal for cleaning your baby’s delicate skin and hair while preserving its natural protection. The key ingredient is natural milk protein which forms a protective layer, reducing moisture loss and providing a 24-hour moisturising effect so it will never dry your baby’s skin out. Bonus points for being sustainable for the environment!

A for Apothecary: Baby products for diaper or heat rash

best baby skincare products – A for Apothecary
Image Credit: A for Apothecary

Dealing with an unpleasant rash? A for Apothecary retails a range of products for diaper or heat rash, neck rashes, drool-induced rash, cradle cap and more. The award-winning baby skincare products are plant-based and are all made from ethically sourced ingredients. Made using traditional apothecary wisdom and modern science, the gentle botanicals within are perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. There’s also a great selection of products for mamas struggling with cracked nipples, stretch marks and eczema. Psst! Use promo code welcome to get 8% off your first order.
A for Apothecary,

California Baby: Organic baby skincare products

If you’re keen on organic baby skincare products, consider California Baby’s 100% plant-based collection, which is certified by the USDA. Their cruelty-free baby skincare range comprises lotions and creams that soothe eczema, bug bites and diaper rash. The skincare buys here are made with organic ingredients like calendula extract (all certified organic and grown in Santa Barbara), organic aloe vera and soap bark plus essential oils; products are also gluten-, soy, dairy- and nut-free. Not convinced? Pick up a sample skincare kit to try out California Baby’s best skincare products.
California Baby,

Earth Mama: Castile-based, calendula-rich baby products

best baby skincare products - Earth Mama
Image Credit: Earth Mama

Founded in 2002 by a nurse and herbalist, Earth Mama’s baby skincare products in Singapore are an absolute hit with mamas who want nothing but the best for their babies. This baby skincare brand retails clinically-tested, castile-based, calendula-rich baby soaps and lotions, scent-free baby massage oils and the calendula diaper cream, which always sells like hotcakes – we particularly love their Organic Diaper Balm, which works well in soothing irritated skin and the Sweet Orange Baby Lotion, which has organic herbs and oils to keep baby moisturised and protected. Everything here is made with love, and contains zero artificial fragrances, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulfates. Did we mention you get free shipping for orders over $75? You’re welcome!
Earth Mama,

The Honest Company: Tear-free natural bubble baths

best baby skincare products - The Honest Company
Image Credit: The Honest Company

Owned by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, The Honest Company has more than 100 products under its belt. Its baby skincare product range is all-natural, and we’ve got heart eyes for their Calm collection, which comprises bubble baths, face and body lotion and more. These baby skincare products are tear-free, and are designed to help both baby and mama relax at bath time. You’ll also find diaper wipes and rash creams, baby gift sets and much more.
The Honest Company,

Pipette: 100% hypoallergenic baby care

Clean, cruelty-free baby skincare products in Singapore? We’re definitely adding to our online shopping carts! Its line of non-toxic baby skincare and bath products are 100% hypoallergenic, and helps lock in moisture and replenish all hydrating elements such as squalene, which babies are born with. Pipette’s baby creams feature a safe and effective formula, are tested by dermatologists and are paediatrician-approved.

A Tapir’s Tale: Singaporean brand made in Japan

best baby skincare products - A Tapir's Tale
Image Credit: A Tapir’s Tale

This baby skincare brand’s products may be made in Japan, but the brand is 100% Singaporean. A Tapir’s Tale curates premium, lab-tested active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to create a well-balanced formula that fortifies baby’s skin by strengthening its natural barrier for softer, smoother skin. Its baby washes and creams are designed to be gentle on baby’s skin and eyes and do not contain soap and sulphates.
A Tapir’s Tale,

Other baby skincare brands we love

  • Aveeno: The natural ingredients in its baby lotions and overall baby skincare range all work to gently soothe and moisturise baby’s skin.
  • Cherub Rubs: organic baby skincare for nappy rash, eczema and dry skin
  • Cetaphil Baby: dermatologist-recommended baby skincare brand that’s suitable for delicate skin.
  • Elle Baby: cruelty-free baby skincare products that hold the Nordic Swan EcoLabel certification and are suitable for all skin types.
  • Mushie: made in Denmark, its baby lotions, body washes and other baby skincare buys are cruelty-free and uses simple ingredients that makes it great for all baby skin types.
  • Offspring: expect organic baby lotions, nappy balm, head-to-toe wash and even sanitiser and mosquito repellent just for babies.
  • Pigeon Naturals: baby skincare that uses 90% natural ingredients such as olive, argan and chamomile.
  • Suu Balm: nasties-free baby skincare that’s suitable for dry, itchy, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

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