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Battle dry skin with Newborn Pure: Dual moisturisation for your bubs

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Did you know that your baby has TWO layers of skin protection in the womb, mama? Pigeon’s premium range of baby skincare mimics that natural coat of protection on baby’s skin at birth

Dry skin at birth is a common problem that many mamas see in their bubs, mainly because the brand new skin of babies is a lot thinner and produces a lot less moisturising oil than that of adults. At birth, they lose the natural coat of protection (made of two natural substances, Vernix and Ceramide) that developed in the womb, and the skin is left more sensitive. But it doesn’t have to be that way, mama!

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Leading mother and baby brand Pigeon has introduced its trademarked technology, Natulayer, a ‘double layer’ of protection that mimics the very same substances that protect baby’s skin before birth. Used in the brand’s Newborn Pure range, it offers moisture that lasts on your bub’s skin, ensuring it doesn’t dry out and remains soothed long after application.

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Every skincare product in the range contains Natulayer, made with ingredients that simulates vernix and ceramide to hydrate and protect the skin. Cleanse your little one’s skin, hair and scalp with the Purifying Body Wash and Nourishing Shampoo, follow up with the Moisturizing Lotion that spreads easily for quick absorption to provide instant hydration, and apply the Calming Oil (perfect for baby massages!) and Protective Cream to shield delicate skin areas that are prone to dryness.

The scent of these products also have mamas head over heels with the range – we love nothing more than the fresh, natural fragrance of our tinies after a bath, don’t we? So gift your little one with lasting moisture and soft, protected skin, mama!

The Pigeon Newborn Pure range is available at Motherswork, Takashimaya, Robinsons, Isetan and selected Guardian outlets.

Brought to you in partnership with Pigeon.

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