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8 Ideas for Party Favors in Singapore (Eco-Friendly & Wallet-Friendly!)

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One mama shows us some great eco-friendly party favors and party bag alternatives that will keep the kids happy and be good to the environment

Everyone loves birthday parties, but are the plastic fantastic party bags really necessary? With gatherings in Singapore having been extended up to 8 people, this opens up a whole new world for kids’ parties. When throwing my kids an eco-friendly birthday party, the leaving gift bag and party favors are usually the biggest challenge. Traditionally, party favors are junky single-use plastic toys that break after the first use, plus party bags can be time-consuming and expensive to put together. But we don’t want to do away with party favors altogether because, let’s face it, the anticipation of the party bag is a big part of the fun!

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Here are our best ideas for eco-friendly alternatives to party bags and party favors in Singapore:

party favours singapore eco-friendly

  1. Let them eat (more) cake!

Part of the excitement of attending a birthday is the party bag itself – and if there’s another slice of birthday cake inside, that’s almost certainly a win! Encouraging kids to choose some of the party food to take home with them keeps the party going – and helps to deal with some of the food waste that goes hand in hand with parties too.

  1. Make your own masterpiece

Compile a craft activity using upcycled items from the home for kids to make their own take-home gift. There are many eco-friendly paint options but please hold the glitter!

party favours singapore goodie bags

  1. Grow your own garden

A small pot plant or succulent is a fun party favour for kids to take home, or even a packet of seeds and small terracotta pot (no plastic please) for them to grow their own. Kids will love seeing the fruits of their labour.

  1. A storybook with a message

Involve your child in selecting their favourite storybook as a gift for each child, or you could opt for one with an environmental message such as “Questions and Answers about Plastic” or “We are extremely very good recyclers” (from the Charlie & Lola series).

  1. An experience

While we don’t want to spoil them, an experience gift can be something kids can enjoy with their whole family. How about a day pass for an activity that fosters their appreciation of the natural world – such as the Singapore Zoo or Aquarium?

  1. Homemade playdough

It’s simple to make your own and that way you know exactly what’s in it, and you can be sure it’s biodegradable. Wrap in baking paper (or recycled foil) for kids to take home. It’s a very budget-friendly option too!

  1. Eco-friendly stationery

A box of chalk is both fun and eco-friendly. You could also consider giving a paper saving notebook that helps kids learn about sustainability, together with some plantable pencils.

  1. Thank-you card

Depending on the age and stage of the birthday boy or girl, they could help to write or decorate a thank you card for each of their guests. For younger kids, these printable cards provide a great starting point and still help them foster their creativity.

Eco-friendly party bags for your party favors

Whatever your choice of party favor, make sure to bundle it up in an eco-friendly package too! A brown paper bag (available from Daiso) is the simplest option and will look great decorated with each guest’s name – a great way to involve your child in the party prep. You could also consider making your own party bags from upcycled materials such as newspaper or leftover wrapping paper. While reusable fabric bags might seem eco-friendly, they have a much higher carbon footprint to manufacture, so are best avoided. Use your creativity – the sky’s the limit!

By adopting some of these ideas for eco-friendly party bags, you can keep the fun and help to protect the environment too.

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