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Worried Your Kid Is Shortsighted? Find Out If They Have Myopia & How To Slow Progression at W OPTICS

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Does your child spend hours staring at a screen or book? They may be at risk of developing myopia or shortsightedness. Find out how to protect your child’s eyes and slow down the progression of myopia with ZEISS MyoCare Lenses.

Shortsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed, is where people can see close objects, but objects farther away appear blurred and as a result, squinting or eye strain may occur. This is mainly due to excessive elongation of the eyeballs, which leads to light not being focused correctly on the retina.

Recent projections show that half of the world’s population will have myopia by the year 2050. In Singapore, up to 80 to 90% of the population will have myopia by that time, and today, many children are already developing myopia as early as kindergarten or lower primary school age. Since myopia negatively impacts lifestyles, often progresses to be pathologic, and could lead to sight-threatening eye conditions like glaucoma, managing myopia early is pivotal in slowing down its progression and limiting the chances of undesirable outcomes later.

Thanks to their clinically-graded diagnostic equipment, certified optometrists, and opticians, and with retailing hours suitable for busy families, W OPTICS provides myopia screening for children and comprehensive eye examinations for myopic children. They also teach you how to prevent it and recommend suitable myopia management solutions once it is detected.

Protect your child’s eyes with the 20-20-20 rule

As myopia is hereditary, kids with parents (one or both) who are shortsighted are far more likely to develop myopia. They will also have an increased risk by spending long hours on near-work activities. If your child has a prescription of -5.00 or more, your child is considered to have high myopia, which greatly increases their chances of developing sight-threatening diseases that can ultimately lead to permanent vision loss.

Since myopia is irreversible, it’s best to nip it in the bud and prevent myopia in the first place. Teach your child to practice the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, shift your focus to an object at least 20 feet away (six metres) for at least 20 seconds. Limit screen time and encourage your child to spend at least two hours outdoors as recommended by experts.

Book a myopia screening at W OPTICS

W OPTICS - myopia in children - myopia screening centre
Image Credit: W OPTICS at Marina Square

Specialising in myopia management for children, W OPTICS is a locally owned vision care centre that also offers dedicated myopia centres equipped with clinical-graded diagnostic equipment. The experienced optometrist and opticians at W OPTICS can help assess your child’s condition and recommend the most suitable myopia management solution based on your budget and your child’s lifestyle needs.

It is recommended to screen once a year or whenever you suspect your children has any vision problems and every 6 months for children with myopia for follow-up treatment. Book a myopia screening for your child for just $15 at all 13 W OPTICS stores or get a comprehensive eye exam at any of their five myopia centres starting from $60! Download the W OPTICS app (Apple and Android) to make an appointment today or simply call them from 11am to 8pm daily.

Prevent the progression of myopia with ZEISS MyoCare Lenses

W OPTICS - myopia screening - myopia in children
Image Credit: ZEISS Visioncare Singapore

Myopia is typically treated by wearing single-vision glasses that only correct the condition and provide clear vision. However, for children, the ideal form of treatment and management for myopia is specially designed spectacle lenses like the ZEISS MyoCare lenses. Featuring C.A.R.E.® technology and ClearFocus® Design, these lenses create signals at the back of the eyeball to slow down eyeball elongation by providing a clear zone for the wearer to look through and microstructures that create signals to slow down the progression of myopia. This method of managing myopia has been proven to be effective and safe. Best of all, children wearing these lenses continue to study and play without disruption.

These myopic lenses have shown a remarkable decrease in myopic growth in kids aged seven to 12 years old. Plus, did we mention that ZEISS MyoCare lenses are designed for all-day comfort? The kids will forget they are even wearing glasses! Learn more about ZEISS MyoCare Lenses.

Get 50% off all kids’ frames and double W OPTICS reward points for ZEISS MyoCare purchases from 5 June to 30 September 2024. Frame discount applicable on regular-priced items on any purchase of ZEISS myopia management lenses. Double rewards point is applicable for ZEISS MyoCare myopia management lens purchase only.

W OPTICS, 13 stores in Singapore including Great World, Vivocity, Marina Square and The Centrepoint,

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