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6 Reasons Mamas Love Newly Launched sanosan Baby Care (+ How to Get 10% Discount)

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sanosan, the German baby care specialist, is now in Singapore! Here are 6 reasons mamas love this trusted baby brand (plus don’t miss the chance to get 10% off below).

Our little baby’s skin is so soft and delicate – it’s only natural that as mamas, we are looking for the safest, gentlest baby care products. sanosan is a family-run German brand that specialises in natural baby products from shampoos to nappy rash cream and sunscreen. Here are six reasons why mamas all over the world are loving this baby care brand:

1. Super safe: German-made and tested

As mamas, the safety of products and ingredients that our kids use is uber important. sanosan gets that and makes it its mission to keep safety its top priority. All sanosan formulas are developed by sanosan’s own research and development laboratories hand-in-hand with dermatologists. Products are manufactured in Germany and clinically tested there too.

2. Made of natural ingredients

More than 90% of the ingredients used in sanosan baby products come from a natural origin like organic olive oil and olive extract! Only the gentlest surfactants are used alongside natural ingredients such as milk protein to protect baby’s delicate skin and ensure they develop a healthy skin protection barrier.

3. sanosan products are nasties-free!

We love how sanosan’s products are strictly nasties-free – they do not use parabens, silicones, paraffins, SLS/SLEs or Phenoxyethanol in their baby range giving mamas peace of mind.

4. 24-hour moisturising effect

The exciting ingredient that sets sanosan baby products apart from many others is its use of natural milk protein in each and every baby product. Natural milk protein is gentle for baby’s delicate skin and forms a protective layer, reducing moisture loss and providing a 24-hour moisturising effect.

5. sanosan care products are sustainable

sanosan looks after baby’s skin and takes its mission one step further by taking responsibility for the future of our earth. In addition to sanosan products being natural, all formulas are also completely biodegradable so they are better for the environment.

Image Credit: Jane Karmendra

6. Complete skincare for baby and the whole family

sanosan knows that everyone’s skin is different, so in addition to their products for babies, they’ve got a range of skincare products for kids and mamas too! Can’t wait to try sanosan products on your baby?

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Brought to you in partnership with sanosan Singapore

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