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Guide to Coney Island Singapore: Cycling, Beaches, Hiking & More

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Here’s our guide to Coney Island in Singapore, from how to get there (it’s a park on a small island off Punggol) to where to rent bicycles, information on beaches, places to eat and Coney Island opening hours!

Coney Island in Singapore has been a top spot for families to visit for its beautiful scenery, rustic beaches, (no beach clubs in sight) calm ambience and easy cycling and hiking trails! Here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip with the kiddos, including how to get to this park (entry is free) and closing times to Coney Island so you don’t get locked in (it’s happened before!).

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Things to do at Coney Island
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Coney Island opening hours

coney island cycling
Coney Island was previously known as Pulau Serangoon or Serangoon Island, and the capacious 50-hectares island is also an ecologically sustainable park. Coney island was previously owned by the Haw Par brothers before it was sold to Ghulam Mahmood, an Indian businessman, in the 1950s. Mr Mahmood had intended to re-create the famous Coney Island of New York here but that dream was short-lived. In the 1970s, Coney Island was returned to the Singapore government and today the quiet park ironically retains the name of a famously busy amusement park.

Coney Island in Singapore has plenty of rustic charm, home to a wide variety of habitats and a diverse range of fauna and flora, including several nationally threatened species. The park is favoured by more than 80 species of birds, offering visitors an ideal location for birdwatching. Explore the forest and mangrove habitats on foot or by bicycle. Be charmed by five differently themed beach areas and a variety of habitats that support beautiful free-flowering plants and critically endangered species.

Things to do at Coney Island Singapore

1. Cycling around Coney Island Park

Once you’ve arrived at Punggol Settlement, look out for Go Cycling, which is in the opposite direction from Coney Island, or Jomando Adventure and Recreations, which is nearer (about 200m away) to the park’s West entrance.

cycling Coney Island Park singapore

Choose from mountain bikes, cutesy city bikes (perfect for mini photo shoots with the fam) and even bikes with trolleys just in case you’ve brought extra necessities for a family day out. Rental of bicycles start from $8 per hour.

Do note there are mixed paths at Coney Island Park – some are easier to cycle on than others. If your family are keen cyclists you can tack on a ride along the Punggol Park Connector before or after your Coney Island trip. The cycle route around the Punggol promenade is relatively short compared to other bike ride options in Singapore as it only spans 4.2km but it’s a really leisurely ride with great views of nature and the manmade waterway.

2. Do some bird watching

There are over 80 species of birds on the island so if you love to look out for kingfishers and more, wait around at the bird-watching hideout. This spot on Coney Island allows you to observe the birds in their natural environment without scaring them away. Tip: tell the kids to keep their voices hush hush, else the birds will stay away!

3. Explore the Coney Island beaches

Singapore beaches coney island punggol with Singapore beaches
Image: Jnzl on Flickr

There are five small beach areas on Coney Island. These beaches are accessible via earth tracks and despite their small size, the beaches are all natural! Try looking for Coney Island Beach Area A because it can be easily found from the Coney Island West entrance.

4. Snap photos amongst Coney Island’s beautiful tall trees

best parks for kids in singapore coney island cycling

We were really in awe of the endless tall trees and greenery all around the island and although it seems that every other spot looks exactly the same, we beg to differ. Some areas are more forested with lalangs all around while some are more sparse.

5. Check out the obstacle course

Image: NParks Coney Island

Casuarina Exploration is a kid-friendly obstacle course made up of timber from uprooted Casuarina trees, which have been collected and recycled into multiple features at Coney Island including park signage, seats, benches, boardwalk and exhibits!

6. Relax by the Coney Island promenade

On the western and eastern parts of the island, there are paved areas where you can lay your mat and enjoy the cool sea breeze with a view of passing ships and Johor’s shoreline. You can spend a good hour here taking in the fresh air.

7. Check out the mangrove boardwalk

If you’re on the trail to Beach Area C, walk through the mangrove forest. The air is so crisp and fresh. The wooden planks are made from Casuarina trees! When you’re in this area be extra careful, because mangroves are susceptible to high tides.

Where to eat near Coney Island Singapore

Image: Trunk 95

There are no food options on Coney Island itself. The nearest restaurant is a walk away at the Punggol Settlement which has a number of great eateries, from cafés to casual bistros that make for some memorable riverside dining! There’s also a 7-Eleven there if you need to get essentials before or after your Coney Island Park visit.

Level 1
House of Seafood
Ponggol Seafood
House of White Bee Hoon
Southwest Punggol

Level 2
Siam Square Mookata
Izakaya 95
Trunk 95
Kampong Chai Chee
Relax Bar
Tandoor Lounge
George’s By The Bay

How to get to Coney Island Singapore

By Public Transport: Alight at Punggol MRT Station and at Exit C, board bus 84 and get off at Punggol Road End. You can also take the LRT from Punggol station to Punggol Point. Head to Punggol Settlement and follow the signs to Coney Island.

By Car: Programme your Google Maps to lead you to Punggol Settlement and park at the outdoor car park. Walk towards the restaurants and follow the signs to Coney Island.

You can reach Coney Island by renting a bicycle from Punggol Point Park or Punggol Settlement. Cycling from here (about 500m) will get you to the West entrance of Coney Island. You can also access the East entrance of the island via Lorong Halus and Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 6. For those who prefer to take a leisurely stroll, you can do so from Punggol Point Park (although we highly recommend renting a bicycle with the family!).

By Bicycle: Get on the Punggol Park Connector which leads to Coney Island Park.

Other things to note:

Closures: A section of East Promenade and its toilet will be closed from 7 June 2021 to 30 June 2024 to facilitate construction works. There are alternative paths to get to Beach D and E. Alternative toilets are also available. More info here.

For your safety: Box jellyfish have been spotted in Singapore waters. Do take precautions before heading to one of the beaches. More info here.

How to dress: Sports attire, long pants/ leggings, sunglasses, a hat and covered shoes

What to pack: Water bottle, a face towel, some tissues, a picnic mat and some food (optional), sunscreen, and insect repellent (mandatory!).

Coney Island opening hours: Coney Island Park is open daily from 7am – 7pm (don’t get locked inside!)

Coney Island Park, Beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Punggol, Singapore, website

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Images #1, #2, #3, #4 courtesy Abigail Wright, all other images courtesy of NParks on Facebook

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