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Express Yourself! Budding Artists, Authors and Actors at The Grange Institution

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With a unique interdisciplinary, inquiry-based approach, The Grange Institution is pioneering a new model for Singapore international schools. Here’s how students combined the arts, the environment, and language

Since opening last year, The Grange Institution has aimed to create a unique, family-oriented school in which every child feels happy, valued and cared for. Due to its limited enrolment and cosy size, the Grange community is one where every teacher knows every child, not just as learners, but as personalities and as creators.

Drawing on the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum, The Grange takes an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning approach. One such thematic unit of inquiry in the past year was “Our Global Village” – which allowed students to cover topics ranging from nature and the environment, to illustration and storytelling, to performing arts and foreign languages.

grange institution students reading

One exciting manifestation of this during the last school year was the Creative Expressions showcase. Students from Years 1 and 2 created an adaptation of the picture book Bamberina, the Turtle (who is at risk due to the excessive pollution in the ocean). They wrote original stories and created new characters, and worked with a drama professional over the course of five weeks to script their stories into stage plays. (Circling back to the environmentalism theme, all props were created from recycled materials!) After the drama showcase, students broke out into an impromptu singing session with songs they’d learned in Mandarin, Japanese and Bahasa.

grange institution students of different ages interacting

Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of the Grange learning experience, which is why students sometimes work on projects across different age groups (as was the case with their literary and drama project). This helps boost their interpersonal skills and their ability to adapt to different ways of communicating to students of varying ages and nationalities. After all, the today’s world is more connected than ever before – why should school be any different?

At The Grange Institution, students are always encouraged to expand their knowledge base and become globally aware. To this end, the school has taken the unprecedented step to embed many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals directly into its teaching framework. As with every project and unit of inquiry, it all goes back to the school’s core values: Respect, Responsibility and Creativity.

Keen for your child to experience The Grange Institution’s innovative approach? Contact the school today to arrange a school visit!

The Grange Institution, 449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 805946, Tel: (+65) 6817 3630,

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