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Learning Begins in a Sensory Garden at Preschool for Multiple Intelligences

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences Red Gate Entrance
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Preschool for Multiple Intelligences brings out the best in your child with their holistic education that centres around a sensory garden where music, art, numeracy, science and friendship is nurtured

Home to a diverse student body of locals and expats between the ages of 18 months and 6 years, Preschool for Multiple Intelligences (PMI) is a premium international preschool that believes learning is experiential, and should be meaningful and applicable to real life. At Preschool for Multiple Intelligences, educators treat every child as intelligent in their own right. Each child’s key strengths and intelligence is maximised, while other areas of intelligence are nurtured to a higher level to ensure holistic development.

Preschool of Multiple Intelligences Garden of Senses Music Lesson

Holistic learning: languages, multiple inteligences and core values

PMI offers an integrated bilingual programme in both English and Mandarin, while different types of intelligence are developed through Preschool for Multiple Intelligences’ curriculum. For example, visual-spatial intelligence is nurtured through art, linguistic intelligence is developed through reading, learning rhymes, writing stories and conversation while logical intelligence is improved through science experiments, number games and ‘pretend’ play sessions. Children also develop personal skills and friendships by working in groups and helping each other.

It’s not all academic learning at PMI, the soft skills are just as important and little ones learn core values of kindness, respect, responsibility, independence, honesty and taking initiative.

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences Garden of Senses banana tree

What sets Preschool for Multiple Intelligences apart?

Nature is key in nurturing intelligence at Preschool for Multiple Intelligences. Both its locations have a Garden of the Senses filled with fruit trees, herbs, sweet-smelling flowers, leaves in various shapes and sizes and a host of insects, birds and butterflies. A musical garden, art garden and a garden of poems are also integrated within. However, the Garden of Senses isn’t just a decorative asset. It is used as a tool to hone and increase each child’s vocabulary, help them embrace calm and comfort, develop a sense of curiosity and wonderment and learn how to see beauty and art in the world around them. It also serves to nourish friendships from an early age, as the garden is where little ones learn and play together.

  Enjoy three complimentary sessions for either Music or Speech and Drama lessons when you enrol your child from now until November 2020!

If you’d like to book a customised school tour, email the Preschool for Multiple Intelligences team at [email protected]
(Newton) or [email protected] (East).

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences,
37 Newton Road, Singapore, 307965, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6259 9661;
39 Lorong Melayu, Singapore, 416923, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6747 1343,

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