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A Culture of Scholarship at North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

students at new british international school north london collegiate school (singapore)
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Find out what sets new British international school North London Collegiate School (Singapore) apart at an upcoming coffee afternoon event with the Principal & Senior Leadership team

North London Collegiate (Singapore) is a new British international school opening in Singapore in August 2020. It brings with it the impeccable reputation and ambitious academics of North London Collegiate School UK, which was established 170 years ago.

Academic rigour is at the heart of the NLCS (Singapore) ethos, with a “Culture of Scholarship”embedded in the educational experience, from the Early Years right through to Senior School. NLCS students are encouraged to find and follow their passions, thanks to an environment that fosters independent thought and empowers them to recognise excellence and realise that it is attainable.

student reading at new british international school north london collegiate school

NLCS (Singapore) recognises children’s inherent natural curiosity and excitement about the world around them. The school’s aim is to develop that curiosity and ensure that students never stop asking questions, which boosts their academic growth. From the early years, NLCS (Singapore) students are encouraged to seek solutions to problems they might face, all in the name of developing their own independence and intellectual curiosity.

NLCS (Singapore) will not allow itself to be constrained by exam syllabi; rather it will strive to embrace students’ natural inquisitiveness through teaching that is flexible and responsive to students’ needs.

Learning and scholarship opportunities at NLCS (Singapore) will extend far beyond the classroom, including (but not limited to) Academic Societies, keynote speakers, and the McCabe Lecture Programme.

teacher engaging with student at british international school north london collegiate school (singapore)

Across the Junior School and Senior School, teachers nurture a Culture of Scholarship, and are experts in engaging and exciting students in their learning. At NLCS (Singapore) teachers strive to challenge their students at every turn, encouraging them to go far beyond the core UK National Curriculum content, and are never afraid to put the lesson plan aside to engage the class in debate if the opportunity arises. Through subject specialist teaching that inspires and stretches, NLCS (Singapore) students are able to achieve their best and flourish.

The school upholds a commitment to maintaining a team of faculty subject specialist teachers with a passion and love for their subject. This applies to everyone from full-time classroom practitioners right up to senior management — the NLCS (Singapore) Senior Team counts among it two passionate Economists, a Mathematician, a Dramatist and a Social Historian.

Indeed, this community of passionate subject specialists is a fundamental feature of North London Collegiate School that underpins everything about the learning experience. Parents can expect teachers to encourage true academic stretch, to go beyond the confinements of a syllabus, setting floors, not ceilings in a culture of ambition, aspiration and scholarship.

Want to learn more? Meet Principal Paul Friend and other Senior Team members at an upcoming Virtual Coffee Afternoon event. Prospective parents will have the opportunity to hear more about the culture and curriculum of North London Collegiate School (Singapore) and find out what makes this British international school so special. Click here to register your interest!

North London Collegiate School (Singapore), 130 Depot Road, Singapore 109708, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6955 1430,

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