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6 Reasons to Consider the Standalone Primary School Model at Brighton College (Singapore)

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From CCAs and afterschool care at no extra cost, to extra leadership opportunities and a more tailored curriculum, there’s lots to love about the primary-only model at Brighton College (Singapore)

Brighton College (Singapore) opens this August, bringing its outstanding credentials as a leading independent school in the UK to the Singapore international school scene. Among the features that will set Brighton College (Singapore) apart from other international schools will be its focus on early years and primary school.

With its British Pre-Prep and Prep school offering that’s limited to ages 18 months to 11 years, Brighton College (Singapore) features a unique value proposition for families keen on a selective, ambitious and challenging academic programme from the very start. Thanks to a focus on academic excellence, kindness and service, the school will provide excellent preparation for senior school and beyond.

Read on for the unique benefits this one-of-a-kind education offers for families in Singapore! 

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Small Size and Extra Personal Attention

Research consistently indicates that the primary years are the most crucial for laying the foundations for academic success. Thanks to its small size, Brighton College (Singapore) students will benefit from having extra time, attention, and excellent teachers at their disposal. The small school size ensures that each child is known, understood, valued, and provided with the guidance they need.

Extra Leadership Opportunities

By focusing on this important formative stage, there’s ample opportunity to maximise potential and build confidence, which is pivotal to future success. Leadership and important responsibilities are introduced to the oldest primary pupils – who’d otherwise be looking up to older kids in senior school – and they feel truly empowered in helping to shape their school.

A Tailored Curriculum to Set Your Own Path

As a stand-alone prep school, Brighton College (Singapore) does not need to worry about preparing its students for one particular route or track following primary school. Instead, the school is able to tailor the curriculum to best suit the needs of each individual student, and can prepare them for any senior school.

Support in Finding the Right Senior School

Along those lines, the school works closely with parents to help students choose the right senior school for them. The benefit is that at this age their passions, talents and strengths are more developed, and there’s no need to adhere to a single track through school from an early age.

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Built-in CCAs for Year 2 & up

Not only does Brighton College (Singapore) offer oodles of CCAs in the Prep School (Year 2 & up) ranging from Cookery, to Drama, to Robotics and Coding, but all of these come at no extra cost to parents! Echoing the Prep school model from the UK, Brighton’s CCA programme is built into the school day, which finishes at 4:30pm. Students also receive four hours of sports coaching per week. There’s a real focus on accomplishments across a broad range of activities to encourage students to try new things and explore their passions.

Afterschool Care at No Extra Cost

As further indication of its commitment to parents and supporting its students families, Brighton College (Singapore) also offers afterschool care til 5pm at no additional cost.

Ready to find out more? Places are still available for August 2020 and the team at Brighton College (Singapore) are ready to swiftly support families through the application and assessment process. Contact them to find out more!

Brighton College (Singapore), 1 Chuan Lane, Singapore 554299, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6505 9790,

Brought to you in partnership with Brighton College (Singapore)

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