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Our Fave Underrated Toy for Kids: Huggies® Naturemade Playbox

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Buying your Huggies diapers in bulk? Don’t throw away the Playbox they come in – it’s actually a free ‘toy’ for the kids! Plus scroll for our code to get $14 off

Here’s a riddle for you: what’s any young child’s favourite toy? Nope, nothing high-tech or expensive… just give them a cardboard box. It encourages open-ended play and provides a ‘blank slate’ for creativity. Plus kids love that they can fit inside, so they can imagine themselves in a car, plane or train – the possibilities are endless!

Every mama knows that buying diapers in bulk is one of the best parenting hacks there is. That’s a couple months’ worth of shopping done in one go, you get extra discounts and it’s just so much cheaper in the long run. And now there’s an extra reason to buy bulk – Huggies Platinum Naturemade diapers come in a new range of Huggies Playboxes which makes the perfect pretend-play ‘toy’!

Huggies Playboxes in 2 fun designs

New Huggies Naturemade Playboxes

We were so happy when our recent Huggies Platinum Naturemade diapers order came in the New Limited Edition range of Huggies® Playboxes. My daughter was immediately drawn to the cute animals on each box and quickly pointed out, “Wow, lion! Elephant! Owl!” We were excited to play! Each of the boxes (two designs available) had instructions on the side for an adult to cut out the various 3D trees and animals. Here’s what we did with our Huggies Naturmade Playboxes:

  1. First, we lightly wiped the box with a damp cloth and waited for it to dry completely before going to the next step.
  2. With dry hands, we used a pen knife to remove the cut-outs along the perforated lines. A pair of scissors would work too but do make sure an adult is doing this, or supervise a child who’s old enough to handle scissors.
  3. Next, we assembled the trees and animals according to the visuals provided on the box.

If I’m being honest, you may not even need to cut the animals out and just leave the box as-is. Little Inaya was already shouting “I want to go inside!” while I was cutting away. Luckily we had two boxes, so she climbed into the Safari Surprise one that I wasn’t cutting up!

The end result proved to be a hit! The animals were adorable – the Woodland Wonder-themed box (comes with orders for Medium Pants, Large Tape Diapers and XL Pants) had a cute bear, squirrel and owl, and two trees in different shapes. They were all super easy to assemble and it helps that the designs were nice and aesthetically pleasing too, with the ability to match any kids’ room decor (no bright primary colours here!).

Huggies Woodland Wonder Playbox
Huggies Safari Surprise Playbox

There’s also the Safari Surprise playbox (featuring an elephant, lion and giraffe) that comes with orders for Medium Tape Diapers, Large Pants and XL Diapers.

AR Functionality brings animals to life on your phone

The Huggies Playbox also boasts the first-ever Huggies Singapore AR technology (exclusive to Huggies Club members).

Simply purchase the Huggies® Naturemade Playbox, head to this website, point your camera towards the Playbox and see the animals come to life! The AR filter will only be ‘activated’ when you scan the Playbox.

Huggies Platinum Naturemade Pants

We’re big fans of the Huggies Platinum Naturemade Pants. Designed with babies’ delicate skin in mind, the diapers are infused with natural ingredients and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Each diaper even has a Vitamin E liner to ensure baby’s bottom stays comfortable, and up to 12-hour absorbency – making it our favourite overnight diaper! I love knowing that my little one can last for hours comfortably in the Naturemade Pants. It’s also our top pick when we’re out and about, but we always bring extras just in case any accidents happen.

Quote HUG1111L5 during the Shopee 11.11 sale and you’ll get $14 off a minimum $100 spend.

Want to get a Huggies Playbox with your order? Shop the 11.11 and 12.12 sales and enjoy savings on your next Huggies Platinum Naturemade purchase!

Brought to you in partnership with Huggies

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