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Smoulder Softcore Bakers

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What is most exciting is that Smoulder’s freshly-baked goodies are not cupcakes (we confess we’re a little over the cupcake trend) but little molten lava cakes that you can either buy still-warm from the oven and oozy, or pop in your microwave at home to enjoy later. They’re bite-sized (practically) so they’re the ideal little treat that won’t make you feel too heavy, or too guilty for letting the kids have a little indulgence! Some of the twelve flavours on offer are a bit sophisticated-tasting for little palates (there’s plenty of real dark chocolate in the mix) but kids will adore the White Chocolate Lemon, which is pure sweetness.

pssst: Smoulder cakes can only be ordered online for delivery, no more physical shop!


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