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Valentine’s Day Partner Workout with Momentum Bootcamps

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We’ve got a special early edition of Workout of the Week today in honour of Valentine’s Day, mamas. Please welcome super-fit mama Ness Birch (and her husband, Tim) for this special partner workout from Momentum Bootcamps to take you through a series of easy exercises you can do anytime, anywhere with nothing more than your own sweat and bodyweight. Let’s get moving!

Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to indulge in candy and chocolates but nothing’s better than feeling fit and confident in the skin you’re in – with or without clothes on. Training with a partner can be a fun and intimate activity, and it definitely gets the muscles pumping and heart racing. So grab your significant other and give this workout a red hot go!

At Momentum, partner training helps to turn up the heat and it’s a guaranteed way to ensure clients are challenging themselves with some healthy competition. Join Momentum for a free trial and be sure to get in on the action!

Beginners: Aim to complete 30 seconds of each station with a 15 second break between stations

Intermediate to Advanced: Aim to complete 45 seconds to 1 minute of each station with a 20 second break between stations

Complete 3 to 4 rounds

Warm up (2 rounds)

Partner A completes 50 jumping jacks as Partner B performs squats, then switch over.
Partner A completes 6 x 3m shuttle runs as Partner B performs mountain climbers, then switch over.

momentum_high 5 push upsStation #1 High Five Push Ups

Both Partner A & B face one another and hold a toe or kneeling plank. Position your hands directly under your shoulders, engage your core, activate your legs and glutes and complete a push up together then alternate high fives. Try to keep your pelvis square to your mat to avoid rocking in your hips.





momentum_lunge to high knees

Station #2 Lunge to High Knees

Partner A drops into a deep static lunge position and holds the pose while extending their arms out in front. Partner B aims to drive their knees up to gently hit Partner B’s hands. Rest and repeat again with Partner A swapping leading legs in their lunge. Then switch positions. This isn’t for the faint of heart, friends!










momentum_wall sit to plankStation #3 – Wall Sit to Plank (Wheelbarrow Push Ups, optional) 

Partner A holds a wall sit position; back entirely flat against the wall with core engaged while grabbing Partner B’s ankles, as they maintain a plank hold position. Optional extra: Partner B performs push-ups from the plank hold. *If this is too challenging, Partner A maintains a wall sit while Partner B holds a plank on their mat for the set amount of time.




momentum sit up slapsStation #4 – Sit Up Slaps

Here’s how you work on a 12 pack! Both partners sit facing each other with their knees drawn up and interlacing their feet underneath their partner’s calf muscles. Lie back on the floor, so only your head and shoulder blades are off the ground. Perform a full sit up and slap your partner’s hands at the top before you lower your back down to the ground with full control. Focus on quality sit-ups over quantity, don’t race through this exercise.



So that wraps up our Valentine’s Day workout…who’s ready to hit the showers?! Thanks to Ness & Tim’s adorable son Tomas for keeping his parents honest during the partner workout! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

momentum_vanessa family

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