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The New Respectful Parenting Book You Should Read ASAP (25% off for Sassy Mamas!)

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Whether respectful parenting is a new concept to you or you’ve always strived to practice it, this new Respectful Parenting book will give you great tips for your parenting journey (plus get it at 25% off with our code!)

Parenting in the 21st Century is no easy feat. We navigate day-to-day stressors and have fast-paced lives – throw kids into the mix and our stress levels seem to be perpetually high. So how do we achieve respectful parenting amidst the chaos?

Respectful Parenting is a new book by Etonhouse Community Fund (ECF) that introduces the concept of treating and communicating with children (even the youngest of infants!) with respect in all situations, as opposed to an approach based on power-control and discipline. Written by Dr Tina Stephenson-Chin (former Director of Pedagogy at EtonHouse), the book is an eye-opening read to inspire us parents with young children towards respectful parenting. Dr Tina has a rich background in international education, with over 20 years of experience as an active contributor to popular academic publications in Canada and Asia on a range of behavioural and education topics.

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We love how Respectful Parenting doesn’t just explain positive ways to communicate with our kids but also acknowledges the real challenges we face as parents – exhaustion after a long workday, possible worries over finances, always making sure to have healthy, wholesome food on the table for the whole family… The list goes on, doesn’t it? With these in mind, the book suggests ways we can focus on respecting ourselves first in order to successfully raise our kids in a respectful, empathetic way. We think the part below in particular can resonate with every parent!

“Most decisions actually tend to happen very quickly – we experience a blur of actions and reactions which often lead suddenly and unexpectedly to arguments, yelling and punishments.

For example, it might begin with us asking our child to do something, followed by our child responding very slowly or refusing to do what has been asked. We may try asking again, perhaps in a different way, and might even add a threat, “Go to bed right now or no toys for you tomorrow!” When our child continues to refuse, we begin to argue, leading to an unhappy climax of tears and screaming or spanking. It is a vicious cycle that is painful for everyone and something that we know is not effective, but it can be very hard to avoid.”

Tips from the experts, aka other parents!

Respectful Parenting also provides practical strategies and tools along with real-life examples from parents and early childhood experts. Find out more on:

  • Understanding temper tantrums
  • Managing bedtime routines
  • Establishing and maintaining realistic expectations and boundaries
  • Developing decision-making skills and independence in your child
  • Building a deeper relationship with your child based on love and mutual aspect

Respectful Parenting is a great read for parents with children 0-7 years old. All proceeds go to charity – ECF is an IPC Charity committed to improving the lives of less privileged children and youth through a range of programmes to enhance emotional well-being, cognitive development and fitness.

Respectful Parenting is available online at $19.90. Quote SM25 for a 25% discount on your purchase! It will also be made available in major bookstores in Singapore, *Promo code is only applicable on the ECF website.

Purchase Respectful Parenting here!

Brought to you in partnership with EtonHouse Community Fund

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