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Review & Tips: ‘A Night at the Airport’ 2D1N Sleepover at Changi Airport

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We review the ‘A Night at the Airport’ a 2D1N overnight camp at Changi Airport with activities like visiting Changi Airport’s Airport Emergency Service and doing a nursery tour. Don’t miss our tips if you book!

School’s out! If your family loves Changi Airport but you haven’t had the chance to travel much of late, how about getting exclusive access to behind-the-scenes airport experiences? Changi Airport is opening its doors again to families this year-end school holidays with their ‘A Night at the Airport’ a 2D1N overnight camp filled with unique learning experiences from getting a look at the airport emergency service to nursery tours and a design workshop for kids (while mums and dads can have afternoon tea at Changi Lounge – inclusive as part of the camp’s programme!)

Here are the highlights of ‘A Night at the Airport’ 2D1N Sleepover at Changi Airport:

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Visit Changi Airport’s Airport Emergency Service

Did you know that Changi Airport is protected round the clock by its own team of firefighters? You’ll get a chance to see what happens at Changi Airport’s Airport Emergency Service (AES) and go onboard AES’ fleet of swanky vehicles like the foam tender, mobile command centre and mass casualty carrier.

Other than hearing from Changi Airport’s fire-fighters on how and what it takes to keep the airport safe, the most exciting part of the tour came when we could wear and carry some of the impressive gear.

Get hands-on experience with fire-fighting tools and pick up basic fire-fighting life skills, try rescuing passengers in the dark and don fire-fighting suits for photo opportunities!

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Go on an exclusive Changi Airport Nursery Tour

The overnight camp at Changi Airport experience includes a visit to Changi Airport’s nursery, a 15-minute coach ride away. We were amongst flowers and plants like sunflowers, cycad and Changi Airport’s own variety of bougainvillaea, aptly named, “Changi Airport”. Owned by Changi Airport, the three-hectare nursery with over 50 species of plants supplies around 10,000 plants per month to the airport’s terminals.

The nursery is not open to the public and its tour is exclusive to camp participants! At the nursery, our children also had the opportunity to make their own mini Green Wall – an inspiration from the iconic Green Wall at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

The cost of the 2D1N camp ticket includes this experience for kids, however if adults would like to make their own mini Green Wall there is a top up required of $16.

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Take part in a Design Thinking workshop

At this workshop, kids can learn the key elements of design thinking and apply their newfound skills by imagining and creating an airport of the future! Along the way, they will appreciate the importance of user-centricity and empathy in the design process. While the kids work their minds, parents can enjoy afternoon tea at the Changi Lounge (included in the ticket price)!

Have fun in the Changi Experience Studio

You’ll also get access to the Changi Experience Studio and Canopy Park in the day. Changi Experience Studio is a unique digital attraction with interactive games, content stations and immersive shows.

Puff! Foggy bowls add magical mist to the play area for little ones at Canopy Park
Puff! Foggy bowls add magical mist to the play area for little ones at Canopy Park

Play at Canopy Park!

We do love a good play at Canopy Park! With this experience, you’ll get to play at the Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls and run around the scenic gardens. If your kids love this part of the camp and want to come back again – check out the Canopy Park ticket promotions here.

Magical Sleepover

When it was time for bed, we were pleasantly surprised to find two spacious tents already set up for us facing the Jewel Rain Vortex. Knowing that we weren’t going to get much sleep that night, my husband and I let our kids play to their heart’s content at CES. They absolutely love the engaging games at CES and when we told them it was time for bed when the games stations closed at 1030pm, they were complaining they hadn’t played enough! It felt surreal as we lay in our tents with a view of the Rain Vortex. Indeed, we didn’t get much sleep partly because we weren’t used to the tent padding and we didn’t have all our home comforts like our familiar pillows and bolsters, and also because our kids were too excited and kept yakking in their tents till midnight! This was followed by a designated shower time at YOTEL’s spacious Shower Room. The next morning we checked out of our tents at around 8am and headed to the luxurious Changi Lounge for our breakfast of croissants, Danish pastries and a variety of drinks.

Tips for your trip

– Some might not be used to the hard tent padding, so if your luggage space allows, pack some sleeping bags to put over the padding and small comfy pillows for a better night’s sleep.
– It can get cold at night as the venue is air-conditioned, so it’d be good to pack jackets, long pyjama pants and blankets.
– Bring umbrellas, caps and/or hats as the nursery tour has minimal shelter and it can get pretty hot depending on the weather.
– While bottles of water are provided when you check-in at CES, you can also easily get drinking water from the water coolers outside the toilets near CES.
– There is a toilet within CES, so it’s very convenient when you need to visit the loo in the middle of the night. But for showering, you have a designated hour and location (YOTEL near CES in our case) which you’ll need to stick to.

Overall, we found the camp very engaging and educational for both adults and kids, such that our kids said that one night is not enough!

‘A Night at the Airport’ a 2D1N overnight camp

Cost: December: $138 (Adult) | $168 (Child)
When:  26 November – 22 December 2021 (every Wed, Fri and Sun)
What’s included: additional package inclusions worth over $200:

  • 3-month unlimited entry tickets to Changi Experience Studio (worth $38)
  • Canopy Park tickets
  • Exclusive Airport Emergency Service Officer plushie (worth $12.90)
  • Mini ‘Green Wall’ workshop (one kit per child)
  • 2-hour Changi Lounge access per adult (worth $15)
  • Changi Experience Studio photo print per pax (worth $4)
  • Travel self-disinfecting coating spray (worth $8.90)
  • Amazing prize of one Singapore Zoo ticket per person (worth $41), to be received after completion of all camp activities!
  • Changi Experience Studio tote bag (per family)
  • Free parking​ (1 parking coupon per group)

This camp is recommended for families with children between 6 – 12 years old.

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