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Makeup We Love: Putting SK-II Foundation to the Test

SKII Foundation
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Looking for a solid foundation that will stand up to the Singapore humidity without clogging your face? So was I, mama…

I am forever on the lookout for a solid foundation (I suppose I should specify, for my face), and with my red, shiny, combination skin (so much fun in the Singapore heat!) I realise that’s a tall ask.

Liquid foundations provide better coverage initially, but always seem to melt away within minutes (not to mention they feel like they’re clogging my pores). Powder foundations, meanwhile, have a drying out effect, and always leave me looking a little ghost-like.

All this is to say I was intrigued when SK-II let me know about the new Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation (and its companion Artisan Perfecting Brush).

SKII Radiance Cream Compact Foundation and Brush

SK-II is obviously well known for its Facial Treatment Essence and the legend of the fabulous wrinkle-fighting Pitera, but I’d never tried one of their makeup products before. Sure enough, the foundation incorporates Pitera, along with Vitamin E, to promote even skin tone (a must for me). The white swirl within the compact contain Telosense and glycerin to provide all-day hydration (something powder foundations seem to be sorely lacking). Finally, the pretty pink swirl combines pure oils, lavender and gold to enhance luminosity. I was hoping it would somehow magically be a 2-in-1 blusher that allowed me to forego a step in my makeup routine, but alas, you can’t win them all.

Nonetheless, after over a month of use I am smitten. The foundation is far creamier than a typical powder compact, providing the nice, even coverage that I like from liquids. (It’s also on the heavy side, which I realise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really love how much it evens out my skin tone). Apparently much of the magic is down to the brush, whose technology SK-II is really high on. That’s right: a high-tech brush!

SK-II Enamel Cream Compact Foundation and Artisan Brush

It’s got over 70,000 delicate elastic bristles, and is actually shaped to mimic the curve of a finger so as to fill in each and every facial crevice (sadly I seem to have a lot of ’em). SK-II touts the fact that it takes just one swipe of the compact to cover half of your face, and it’s true! The foundation goes on super smoothly, and the brush is oh-so-soft to the point it’s almost a delightful mini facial massage.

I neither have the ghost-like glow of a powder foundation, nor do I lose coverage the minute I step out into the heat. I really do feel like my skin gets a nice luminescent glow without being shiny, which is actually a novel experience for me! And the coverage stays true for at least half the day, while never getting cakey.

So if you’re like me and forever on the hunt for a full coverage foundation, mamas, give SK-II and the Radiant Cream Compact Foundation a look.

The SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation and Artisan Perfecting Brush retail for $119. Available online at Tangs, Zalora and Luxola, or at SK-II counters across the island. Click here for more details. 

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