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The Perks of Private Family Health Insurance in Singapore

Protect Your Resources: Cigna healthcare insurance experts
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There’s no need to stress about insurance, mama! We break down why flexibility is key when finding the right insurance plan for your family or pregnancy

Health Insurance can be such an overwhelming topic, mamas, particularly once you bring pregnancy and children into the equation. And yet, it’s not something you’d want to be without for even a second, particularly with the unpredictable costs of healthcare at Singapore’s topnotch hospitals.

So where to start? We talked to the lovely folks at Cigna to find out what sets Cigna Individual Private Medical Insurance apart from the rest of the pack – in particular why it’s such a hit with expats in Singapore! In a word: flexibility.

cigna insurance for expats in singapore

Perhaps what we love most about this plan is that it has three different levels of coverage that give expats the flexibility to build a policy to suit their individual needs.

Whether you simply want to cover hospital stays and treatments (Silver), add on inpatient maternity care (Gold and Platinum), or cover all your bases with an unlimited annual benefit, cancer care and full coverage for mental health care (Platinum), there’s going to be a plan to meet your family’s needs, mama. And they ALL offer comprehensive international care with a network of over 1 million hospitals and medical professionals worldwide (perfect for expat families on the go), not to mention the convenience of direct billing.

Now, when it comes to maternity care, as is the industry standard, be aware that there’s a waiting period between adding it on to your plan and being eligible for coverage (in the case of Cigna Individual Private Medical Insurance, it’s 12 months). We love that Gold and Platinum plan members are covered for any pre-natal screening tests that are deemed medically necessary, as this isn’t always the case, mama.

cigna insurance for expats in singapore

Once bubs arrives, he or she will be covered from birth (so long as you add them to the policy within 30 days; there’s a 90-day waiting period for babies born under IVF). Cigna also offers family discounts; a family of 4 living in Singapore, for instance, would be eligible for a 10% discount off Cigna policies!

It all goes back to flexibility, mama. Monthly premiums of course vary depending on a family’s needs and level of coverage, but Cigna offers a variety of convenient payment options, including deductibles, cost-share, and the ability to choose different payment frequencies depending on what suits you best. Yes, please!

Want to know more? Simply visit and click “GET A QUOTE” to find out what coverage suits you best!

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