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Moo vs. Maa: Which Milk Source is Better For Your Child?

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Looking at dairy options for your kids, mama? Studies are increasingly suggesting that goat’s milk may be better than the mighty cow’s

Milk. This one-single source of food for your bubba invites more conversation than any other ever will. From breastfeeding, to choosing the right formula and moving onto animal sources; there’s always a reason to read up and find out more about.. MILK.

Moo-ve over cows

Here’s another viable dairy source to add to your list of options, pronto mama – Goat’s Milk. A relatively lesser known source of milk, the Goat is increasingly gaining popularity for the nutrient packed, easy-to-digest milk it can provide.

Goat’s Milk contains lower levels of Alpha S1 Casein, higher levels of bioactive components and a higher number of Beta Casein compared to Cow’s Milk, making it more like human milk in comparison. It also has a lower allergenic burden due to the Alpha S1 Casein proportions, meaning there’s a far lesser chance of food allergens passing into your baby’s blood. It’s also easy on the tummy and better for digestion. With the larger casein micelles comes a softer curd that helps with digestion and better overall gut health.

Child and infant-friendly

When breastfeeding is not a viable option, Goat’s Milk formula can be an excellent source of high quality and digestible proteins, fatty acids and essential nutrients. It is secreted by a process similar to the secretion of human milk and hence already contains many of the components important for infant growth and development. Infant-friendly, the easily digestible proteins AND fats are soft on your newborn’s digestive tract, leaving you with less to worry about, mama!

The RIGHT kind of fat

Did you know that infants can absorb medium chain fatty acids more effectively in comparison to their longer chain cousins? 1 Goat milk fat comes with a higher proportion of medium chain fatty acids and is absorbed more efficiently than cow milk in children with digestive disorders from gluten intolerance2. In fact, Goat milk is widely used by people who have digestive problems and sensitivities to cow’s milk.

Packed with high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, Goat Milk is slowly becoming a popular nutritional source for mums around the world. And what’s more, these benefits carry forward to the convenient formula version of Goat’s Milk too!

Ready to give it a chance? As always mama, do you research, talk to your paediatrician and get your bubbas giggling to good health!

Where to find goat’s milk formula in Singapore?

You can find goat’s milk formula at a wide range of Singapore grocery stores, including FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and more!

Brought to you in partnership with Orient EuroPharma Pte Ltd References 1 Lindquist and Hernell 2010 2 Hachelaf et al. 1993

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