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DIY Christmas Decor: Make Your Own Felt Fireplace (No Sew Instructions!)

Christmas Decor
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Make your own felt Christmassy fireplace – Santa needs a chimney to climb down after all! This Christmas craft is no-sew so it’s super easy to make with materials from Spotlight and Daiso!

Yikes! Christmas is coming and since we’re living in the tropics, who has a fireplace here? How’s Santa gonna make it into your home to fill those stockings if you don’t have a chimney to climb down? Kids will notice these important details mama! We made our very own felt fireplace and with this step-by-step guide, so can you!


  • 1 large piece of white felt. (Spotlight) – This will be the main form for the fireplace so decide which size works best for your space. I went with a piece 37 inches height x 48 inches wide.
  • 2 rolls black felt (Daiso)
  • 2 rolls red felt (Daiso)
  • 1 roll orange felt (Daiso)
  • 1 roll brown felt (Daiso)
  • 1 sheer bright yellow felt (Spotlight)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


1. Lay the piece of white felt out on a flat surface

2. Cut out a piece of black felt. I used a piece that was 19.75in H x 25.5in W. Glue it to the bottom of the felt, centered on the sheet. Have a piece of paper towel nearby to wipe the glue gun on to avoid long glue strands).

3. Cut out the black mantle. Use 2 strips 4in high to run across the top. Do not glue down yet.

4. Cut out enough red bricks to cover the remaining part of white space. I used bricks that were 3.5in H x 8in W. Some of the bricks will be cut in half once assembling them on the white felt. Make sure the white space between the bricks is consistent then glue them down.

5. Glue down the mantel.

6. Cut out a log or two for the fire and glue down.

7. Cut out 2 large shapes for the main flames.

8. Cut out yellow and orange accents for the flames.

9. Use velcro strips to attach to the wall – and you are done. Now just hang up those stockings and hope Sanat brings you some good stuff (if you’ve been good this year!).

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First published in 2022. Updated in 2023

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