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Top 10 ideas for keeping active boys busy in Singapore

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While having children is exhausting in itself, mamas of boys understand that sometimes, little (and big) boys have so much more energy to burn. There’s nothing quite like a session at the playground or a scooter through the gardens to wear them out, but at times, something a little more energetic is preferable… just like in our list of top 10 ideas for keeping active boys busy in Singapore

Psst… we realise that girls can enjoy these activities just as much as boys do, so please feel free to sign them up too, mama!

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Teaching boys balance and coordination, a session standing up on the boards is sure to leave them exhausted by the end of the day. Look to Stand Up Paddling School to teach your lads how to paddle, with their 2-hour Beginner SUP Class equipping them with the basic skills needed to master the sport. Classes are held in the waters off Tanjong Beach (we’re sure you know where this is going mama…) so you can mooch around at Tanjong Beach Club with a cold drink in hand once your boys are finished.

2. Ropes-course-ahoy
An oldie but a goodie, making a trip to Bedok Reservoir for a session of rope climbing is always advisable when your chaps are looking for a challenge. Forest Adventure is the one to seek out for their sky-high, adrenaline inducing ropes course that sees boys 5 to 10 navigate 16 crossings and a zip line to get to the finish line. Teens can tackle the grand course (nothing less than 34 different obstacles) but they will need to bring a participating adult with them — just to be sure.

3. Golfing
Encouraging accuracy, with a healthy dose of fun, little boys will love traipsing around the 18-hole mini golf course at LiliPut Golf as they putt putt their way past Singapore landmarks. Older boys that need a bit more of a challenge can look to Asian Golf Centre for golf lessons and even game performance sessions.


4. Laser Tag
Hide-and-seek with a high-tech twist — that’s what the pros at Laser Quest offer lads who’re keen to shoot it out with their buddies. Singapore’s only indoor laser tag facility, you can rest assured your boys will be contained within a safe (if not a little disco-tech) space.

5. Go Karting
We don’t know many guys that wouldn’t relish the opportunity to tear up a racing track, and little boys are no different! Kartright Speedway is the place to be for wannabe Brocky’s with 10 and overs able to ride a go kart all on their own. Boys 5 to 9 years have to ride a 2-seater kart with a responsible adult if they want to get up some speed up on the 750-metre long, high speed bitumen track (totally worth it though mama!).

6. Rock Climbing
Rock and roll to The Rock School for some wall scaling action and let their little legs get a workout! Building physical fitness and endurance, boys from as young as 4 can get harnessed up to have a go on the walls (they’ve a range of classes for beginners and intermediate climbers too).

7. Wakeboarding
There’s something about water sports that boys go crazy for and we think a session hanging off the back of a boat is sure to get them excited. Head to SKI360 to introduce them to the basics of cable wakeboarding (for kiddos 7 and up) and once they’re confident (or if papa fancies a session too) progress to Maxout Hydrosports Singapore for some serious boating action.


8. Schlepping around in the snow
We may only be 1 degree north of the equator but that doesn’t mean that lads can’t hit the slopes with an afternoon spent at Snow City. Whether they want to scramble around in the soft stuff or fly down the hill on their backsides, we’re pretty sure they’ll be worn out by the end of it.

9. Paint Balling
A special one for the biggest boys only (14 to 17 year olds if mama signs the consent form) paint balling is a sure fire way to teach them a bit of tactical team work as they crawl across the grass trying not to get hit by a stinging paintball! Located at the Singapore Discovery Centre, Crossfire Paintball is Singapore’s first multi-tiered battlefield and is covered in bunkers and barricades of various sizes for teens to explore (and hide).

10. Bike Riding
When all else fails (or if you’re looking for an activity that doesn’t cost anything per se) bike riding is always an old favourite. Head to any of the park connectors to get some freewheeling space for your speed demons or send your big boys to any of Singapore’s regional parks to do some solo riding (we’ve got all the deets here mama!).



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