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Themed Party Ideas for Tweens from the Party Elves

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In our follow-up post to how your tween-ager can throw a party like a pro, please welcome back The Party Elves with some cool Tween-themed party ideas that won’t break the bank. It’s a refreshing departure from the same old pizza and pool parties, mama.


MasterChef Party
Challenge your tweens with interesting ingredients, a time crunch and a bit of competition to come up with a restaurant-style meal they would serve for a birthday event. Or keep it simple and challenge them to make and decorate cupcakes or a full-sized birthday cake, layers and all!

You could use their creations to add to the food table, thus reducing your preparation time, and they will have a blast.

I can already hear you asking ‘but where can I find that many ovens or stove tops?’ There are several independent kitchens around who regularly host baking and cooking parties, and even might have a chef in residence – try Coriander Leaf or Expat Kitchen to start the venue search.


Party with a Mess
This one is for the brave parents out there who don’t mind some laundry afterward! Have the guests come in clothes they don’t mind getting dirty or torn and head outside to play Paint Twister.

No outside space? Use one of the many lovely parks on our sunny Singapore island, just make sure you take your mess away with you.

Paint Twister is a great game to start with. You will need coloured paint on each of the circle on the Twister Mat (washable of course), then just stand back to watch the slipping and sliding begin.

Follow this game closely with shaving cream wars and top the party off with a messy DIY ice cream sundae bar.


Neon Nights
Tweenage G-Rated rave is what this is. You will have to prep the venue a little with black lights, some moving spots with filters and you can get a disco ball for under S$50.00 from Chin Giap Soon at Verge or YeoGM trading in Rochor Centre.

In the invite, ask the guests to dress in white then provide lots of glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces that you can pick up at your local party store.

Put on some of your tween’s favourite tunes and maybe add a karaoke mike and screen, have a glow-bowling match or glow twister and you’ve got the makings of a nightclub-in-training that any tweenager will love.

Take it one step further and make it a Neon roller disco – LOVE!

Spa party
This one will go down a treat with your tweenage girl and her friends.

Skip trying to do this at home (‘cos that’s for when they were younger) and plump for your favourite nail or spa place as they usually will accommodate a party idea like this, especially if they have a mud pool or outdoor jacuzzi.

Fluffy robes or towels and cool flip-flops as favour baskets and maybe pop in a bottle of nail color or DIY face mask ingredients to get a delighted squeal!

mad science
Mad Science Party
Got a budding scientist in your midst? Why not let them go ‘mad’ in a controlled environment with cool experiments.

The list is endless and the ingredients are everyday things that you can pick up at your local Giant or NTUC Fair Price.

Try creating a geyser with Coca Cola and Mentos sweets and get the guests to compete with whose geyser can go higher, or  teach the kids how to make their gloop or their lava lamp which they can then take home as a party favour.

We found some cool links that might help you gather the instructions and ingredients for the experiments so you and your guests can have a blast! Click here and here for some ideas.

Video Game Party
Here’s one for the gamers in your family… a cool video game party will go down a treat!

You could organise gaming tournaments in head-to-head teams, and decorations could be based on a favourite video games.

hotel slumber
Slumber Party in a Hotel
Shake up the usual slumber party idea and get them to a hotel to turn things up a notch.

Decorate or theme-a-fy the room; the service cards, the amenities, and more can all be themed and your guests will have such a great time.


Movie Night Party
Turn your living room (or a hotel suite) into your very own private theatre, or splurge for Gold Class seats. This is a great one to do outdoors too, turning it into a movie under the stars theme – just watch for the weather.

If you are thinking DIY you will need a projector and a white screen ( a wall will do). Gather as many blankets, beanbags and pillows as you can or set up the movie theatre with box seats (yes we mean make seats out of boxes!).

Set up a concession stand with some cool treats, stock up on the birthday tween’s choice of movies and its MOVIE TIME!

We just know you and your tween will have just as much fun planning these parties as the guests will have attending it. And on the off chance you might want more ideas or are running out of time, The Party Elves can certainly help!

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