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Sassy Mama’s Guide to Family and Maternity Health Insurance

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Sassy Mamas are experts at planning ahead and making the most of their resources. Whether it’s throwing a surprise birthday bash or improvising that difficult costume for the school play – you can do it all and then some! Prepping ahead is a must to keep on top of those pesky to do lists and we’re here to help with one, slightly mundane task!

Even though insurance might not be the sexiest of topics, finding the right one should be a priority. The main challenge is figuring out which insurance plan gives you great coverage for a reasonable premium.


Health Insurance for Families
A comprehensive family insurance plan is a great asset to have. It doesn’t just protect you from any medical or health risks, but your whole family as well. Most family medical insurance assures you of 24/7 medical assistance for all members of the family.

Family health insurance includes extensive medical coverage. It has inpatient coverage, which is basic medical coverage that takes care of expenses for extended hospital stays. There should also be outpatient coverage in your family’s health insurance plan, so you’re protected from unexpected expenses for medical visits or short-term treatments.

Some family health insurance policies offer discounts and special treatment for children enrolled in the insurance plan, like the family policies offered by AXA. Most insurance companies, like Zurich, have continuous coverage for your children, even after the policyholder’s death. With Aviva’s Family Health insurance policy, you can enroll up to four children for free coverage up until they are 20 years old.

Other coverage options you might want on your family health insurance plan would be private room cover and optical/vision coverage. You may also want coverage for pre-existing medical conditions like asthma or diabetes so that your current medical insurance policy can treat them.


Health Insurance for Pregnant Women
Sassy Mamas who are planning to have children should get medical insurance with maternity coverage. Understand that maternity coverage is an addition to general medical insurance policies, but one that’s worth getting for additional protection during pregnancy. Insurance companies like Bupa Medical and InterGlobal offer maternity coverage with their family health insurance policies, but include a waiting time of at least 10 months of continued membership for policyholders to be able to claim the benefits.

However, some insurance companies offer maternity coverage as a separate insurance plan with extensive benefits for both the mother and the baby. Prudential, and AXA have separate insurance coverage for prenatal and neonatal care. Pacific Prime is an agent that sells plans from a selection of providers; this results in a short waiting time, but also means you can claim the benefits without being a member in the meantime.

When looking for maternity coverage for your health insurance, watch out for inclusions such as pre-natal care, which provides benefits and coverage for the early months of the pregnancy. Postnatal care gives benefits and coverage after giving birth, which may be important if you foresee health complications after your pregnancy.


Finding the Best Family Health Insurance

With all the health insurance options available in Singapore, determining the right one can be a challenge. It helps to understand what your family needs to narrow down your options. As you examine different policies, it helps to understand what the inclusions are and what the terms mean so you can evaluate the fine print.

Always compare insurance policies before making your final decision. This helps you determine the best coverage for your family, while paying for reasonable interest rates and premiums. Just remember that the more comprehensive your insurance policy, the higher your interest rates will be.

Modern moms are fortunate to have a number of resources available to help them find the best insurance options for their family. With research and careful decision-making, you can guarantee your family’s good health for the years to come!

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