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The easy way to order diapers online in Singapore and a giveaway!

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As much as we try our best to be organized when it comes to our babies, often (maybe much more often than we’d like to admit!) we can run out of daily essentials like diapers and milk powder. There is nothing quite like going to change a grizzly baby only to find you’ve run out of nappies – and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s happened to the best of us at least once!

Enter White as Milk. The online store that takes the stress out of buying diapers, milk and other baby items by delivering them straight to your door.

Placing an order is as easy as 1-2-3 (just what a sleep deprived mama needs!). You click onto the website and set about selecting a bunch of products that you need from their selection. Add it to your cart and White as Milk delivers a monthly supply to your door. It’s easy to change sizes and quantities if you find you need more or less of anything and it saves endless trips to the supermarket. We all know navigating taxis, babies and groceries is no easy feat, especially when diapers and formula is just about all you can carry!

To ensure you never run out of diapers or formula again one lucky Sassy Mama reader will win a 3-month subscription to White as Milk (includes a total value of SGD$360 worth of products). There’s also a free bottle of Liniment Ointment and a few goodies (to a max value of SGD$40 as selected by the team at White as Milk, based on the winner’s children’s ages) thrown is as well to sweeten the deal.

Entering is easy – all you need to do is fill out the form below and bam! You’re entered.

Good luck mama!

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