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‘Is my child a genius?’

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Every mama wonders if her child is a genius. At Stamford Preschool, they know it!

Your child is smarter than you think, mama!

That’s the key philosophy at Stamford Education Preschool, which truly believes every child has an inner genius just waiting to be unleashed. Through their award-winning brain training programme, they’ve got 2-year-olds performing mental math calculations, and 5-year-olds reading the Straits Times. It’s little wonder their motto is “All Kids Awe Results”!


Stamford believes there are many different kinds of ‘smart’. They encourage all sorts with their carefully constructed classroom learning materials, which are specially imported from the USA, Canada, Germany and the University of Oxford in the UK (wow!). If you’re curious about developing your own child’s strengths, why not visit Stamford Preschool for a complimentary English and Math Assessment? They actually work with Singapore Press Holdings’ Sphere Exhibits as their Appointed Official Assessment Partner, so they clearly know their stuff.


Stamford recognises that there’s much more to educating a bright, curious child than just English and Math classes (though there is a wide range of academic offerings that also includes Geography and Science); they focus on nurturing well-rounded students with physical learning in the “Brain gym”, which features children’s treadmills, obstacle courses and IQ puzzles to challenge their young minds. These materials are always a huge hit with kiddos at their open houses, so be sure to bring them along for a visit, mama!

Parents regularly wonder at what age their child should start reading, or fret about whether their child is prepared for Primary 1. While there’s obviously no easy answer or single solution, Stamford Preschool’s brain training provides the best support to truly nurture every child’s multiple intelligences. In fact, they were duly named Singapore’s Best Brain Training Enrichment Preschool by Parent’s World. Impressive!

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Want to send your little genius to a school where their inner Einstein will shine through for all the world to see?  For more details and promotions, or to visit Stamford Preschool’s upcoming open house at their amazing 12,000 square feet facility on Orchard Road to see how their Whole Brain Training can help your child better his or her cognitive abilities, click here mama!

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