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The Singapore preschool where kids read The Straits Times

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How innovative teaching methods and world class facilities bring out the best learner in every preschool child!

Choosing a Singapore preschool is a momentous and nearly overwhelming decision, with myriad factors to consider. What matters most to you, mama? Facilities? Teachers? School fees? At Stamford Education Preschool, the focus is always on the child. The school carefully considers how each student has grown up with an eye toward the holistic development of their speech, language, math and problem solving skills.

From the moment a child enters the school, Stamford’s revolutionary Whole Brain Training System springs to action. Through memory enhancement and focus and concentration training, students develop their cognitive skills to improve their information processing, reasoning, interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing and language learning.

Want to see for yourself? Stamford student Abigail Liu entered Stamford as a shy 2-year-old in 2012. Through amazing video diaries charting her progress, we see a tiny tot who’s grown into a confident super speaker that reads The Straits Times and solves complex math sums:

Your child can be an “Abigail”, too, mama! Stamford’s methods ensure the best educational outcome for every child, not just a few. Their unique programme is truly tailored to fit every child; check out their results portal to see for yourself how each child progresses!

Stamford believes the preschool years are truly the “golden age” for children’s learning. With the right support structure and guidance, kiddos can develop amazing language, numeracy and life skills. Through a combination of whole brain training and specialised methods, Stamford’s New Education can transform your child into a confident, attentive learner.

On top of the world class curriculum, the school offers topnotch facilities like a 3,000 square feet outdoor gym with obstacles that can boost safety and sunshine!

Indoor Gym

Meanwhile, indoors kiddos enjoy an indoor gym with children’s treadmills, balance beams, an obstacle course and much more child-friendly equipment.

Learning Corner (3)

Of course classrooms are even more important, and they feature learning corners with first-class teaching materials exclusively imported from the U.S., Canada, Germany and the University of Oxford.

We know we certainly envy those kiddos lucky to enjoy such a fun, happy education in a safe, supportive environment filled with smiles, premium materials and endless learning opportunities. With its Whole Brain Education System that’s tailor-made to each young mind’s potential, Stamford gives each and every student the ability to write their own amazing diary!

Want to know more, mama? Why not visit Stamford Preschool’s Open House and get FREE English & Math assessments for your little one? Click here for more details!

Stamford will all launch the biggest whole brain training child care services in the last quarter of this year. Be among the first 50 to register your interest with their pre-launch and stand to enjoy an attractive SG50 promotion. Click here to register!

Stamford Education Preschool

40A Orchard Road, Macdonald House, 4th Floor, Singapore 238838, Tel: (+65) 6589 8306

101 Beach Road, The 101 Building, #02-01, Singapore 189703, Tel: (+65) 6336 3368

Parkway (opening end of 2015):
1 Marine Parade Central, 13th Floor, Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408, Tel: (+65) 6589 8306

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