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New International School Alert! Principal of Lower School Shares What Makes the Soon-to-Open OWIS Digital Campus Stand Out

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Exciting news! One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus in Punggol is set to open later this year. What makes this international school different?

State-of-the-art technology-forward One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus* in Punggol will be the third campus in the OWIS family of schools in Singapore. We chat to Angela Henderson, Principal of Lower School for OWIS Digital Campus about what makes this international school stand out – from having an ethos of a well-rounded education and values of kindness and compassion to its remarkable age-appropriate technology.

One World International School Digital Campus* in PunggolTell us a little about yourself

I have been an educator for 35 years now. I have taught Kindergarten and Primary grades in Canada, the USA and Singapore where I nurtured student development through the lens of Special Education, Gifted Education, Art and Drama.

In 2009, I moved to Singapore with my husband and taught for two years as a PYP teacher at an international school before taking up the role of Vice Principal and later Principal of the school. As a Principal, I was responsible for overseeing the overall administration of the campus, including academic and extracurricular activities, student welfare and staff management. One of the key reasons for my joining the OWIS team is its One World, One Community model with kindness and compassion at its core.

As a seasoned educator, part of my leadership style is valuing connections. To connect, I have to be accessible, so I have an open-door policy for parents and students. An example of this is my office in the new building, which was originally supposed to be on the seventh floor. After explaining my need to be more accessible, my office is now located next to the playground.

Additionally, I have had firsthand experience in implementing International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes such as the PYP and MYP. As an educator, the IB has allowed me to help students develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, which are essential for success in the 21st century. 

What is your vision for OWIS Digital Campus?

OWIS Digital Campus will be the third campus in the OWIS family of schools in Singapore. Similar to our fastest-growing Nanyang and Suntec campuses, our purpose-built school will provide a well-rounded education to students and model our core value of kindness.

The state-of-the-art campus embraces the power of technology to support learning outcomes and different learning styles, and our interactive classrooms will truly enhance the student learning experience. Our vision is to provide these enhanced and personalised learning journeys where students can flourish and reach their full potential.

What makes OWIS Digital Campus unique from other international schools?

There are several reasons that make OWIS Digital Campus unique from other international schools, including:

Technology-centricity for better learning outcomes: We will embrace the power of technology to provide students with accelerated learning. Students will have access to technology devices and educational apps that will support their different learning styles and provide them with personalised learning activities. Along with access to age-appropriate technology, students will learn about digital citizenship and responsible online behaviour.

Values: Our Digital Campus will be guided by our reputed kindness-driven approach that promotes a lifelong love of learning, a culture of inclusion, and a safe and happy learning space for students, parents and staff.

Diversity: To ensure all nationalities are well-represented across our school body, we cap enrolment of students from a single nationality by 30%. By interacting with different cultures, traditions, languages and lifestyles, we believe that students learn to be respectful of others and develop international-mindedness.

Quality and Affordability: We will provide high-quality education that is affordable and accessible to all. Additionally, we will leverage infra and personalised learning to achieve optimum student outcomes. We have skill studios where learners can hone their skills related to performing arts, visual arts, engineering, electronics, robotics and STEM.

IB schools in Singapore - OWIS

How do you ensure holistic wellness among students?

OWIS embraces the “One World, One Community” model with kindness and compassion at the core. We believe that being part of a school community enables every child to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. OWIS nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of every child. We help them enhance their ability to cultivate healthy relationships and thrive in the community.

What inspired you to become an educator?

I was fortunate to have teachers whose enthusiasm and passion towards education inspired me to this career choice and the opportunity to make an impact on students in their educational journey. I have always endeavoured to create an environment where students feel safe to put forth their ideas and provide them with personalised support to excel in academia, STEM, sports, arts and socio-emotional well-being. My mission is to equip students so they are prepared for the future beyond academics. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us Angela! We can’t wait for the OWIS Digital Campus to open to take a peek around!

Keen to know more about the OWIS Digital Campus?
Equipped with innovative facilities and a technology-driven learning approach, OWIS Digital Campus
will provide an exceptional learning environment where students can reach their full potential. For more information about the upcoming campus, join their upcoming Open Houses and Virtual School Tours. Additionally, you may send an email to [email protected].

*Proposed site for an international school that will open in August 2023 subject to regulatory approvals.

OWIS Digital Campus, Tel: (+65) 6914 7351, [email protected], 27A Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649,

Brought to you in partnership with OWIS Digital Campus

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