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This Preschool Teaches Kids The Key To Happiness (Plus Math, Chinese, Music & Art)

My First Skool
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One of Singapore’s leading preschools, My First Skool has a unique approach to early education that nurtures each child to thrive not only academically, but emotionally and socially

Ask any parent what they want most for their child’s future, and they’ll likely say they want them to be healthy and happy. Is it possible to ‘teach’ kids to be happy? According to an 85-year Harvard study, the key to living a healthier, happier life is close relationships and social connections. My First Skool (MFS) is a leading preschool in Singapore that focuses on nurturing its children in building relationships and being empathetic with people from all walks of life, giving them a wonderful foundation in the value of connections.

With over 45 years of experience in early childhood education, MFS stands out in the Singapore preschool scene with their innovative approach that not only facilitates experiential learning but also fosters individual growth for future success and happiness.

A Unique Curriculum That Prioritises Building Meaningful Relationships

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MFS takes pride in its relationship-first ethos, seamlessly integrated into its inclusive learning environments. Daily interactions with peers and educators foster meaningful connections, nurturing social and emotional confidence, empathy, teamwork, and effective communication. Beyond the classrooms, everyday activities further expose children to community understanding, and cultural diversity, empowering them to engage with individuals from all walks of life confidently. Their Intergenerational Programme is an ongoing initiative that allows children to interact with the elderly regularly through weekly activities such as baking cookies and playing games that suit both age groups. MFS ensures that children learn and flourish into well-rounded individuals, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

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Encouraging creativity through experiential learning activities

On an average day at MFS, children are immersed in experiential learning activities curated to ignite academic success and individual growth. The curriculum here breaks free from traditional preschool boundaries and instead is tailored to meet the needs of modern families seeking innovation and engagement. An exciting blend of fun, hands-on, and exploratory activities is designed to captivate young minds, igniting their curiosity and creativity.

From engaging craft sessions to outdoor adventures and exciting experiments, every day presents a new opportunity for exploration and discovery, from infancy to Kindergarten 2. These immersive experiences also equip children with real-world skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking – essential for thriving in today’s dynamic world.

Smooth transition to primary school

My First Skool
Preschool marks the very first step our little ones take into the world of education—a pivotal moment that lays the foundation for their future academic journey. At MFS, this fundamental truth is deeply understood and educators make it their mission to ensure that your child is academically and emotionally ready so they experience a smooth transition to primary school. MFS accomplishes this by implementing a personalised approach alongside a comprehensive curriculum, placing a strong emphasis on nurturing confidence, independence, and foundational skills.

Children become familiar with primary school through organised visits to primary schools in order to familiarise them in the environment, lessons, and culture. Additionally, educators facilitate discussions about primary school life, while teaching essential social skills, conflict resolution, and personal safety to foster confidence and readiness. MFS recognises that the transition to Primary 1 brings new expectations on both personal and social levels. Thus, the school designs structured activities and discussions during classes to incorporate routines, responsibilities, and even money management skills, enhancing their readiness for this next educational journey.

From infancy to Kindergarten 2, My First Skool ensures that your child embraces learning as an exciting new adventure every day! Step into the world of learning adventures and individual growth at MFS by registering your child here. Psst, you can also enjoy plenty of perks when you enrol your little ones at MFS!

My First Skool, multiple locations, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6509 7887,

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