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This Preschool Puts Relationships First, Then Allows Learning to Blossom

my first skool relationships based curriculum
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How many preschools can say they have a relationships-first approach? My First Skool can, and it’s proven to improve children’s well-being and learning outcomes.

It’s simple: kids are the most themselves when they’re around people they trust. This in turn lets them learn and explore without worry, in a warm and secure environment – and this is what My First Skool provides. The preschool’s emphasis on relationships and relational skills sets them apart from other early education providers in Singapore. Drawing from over 45 years of experience in the early childhood industry, My First Skool by NTUC First Campus combines their relationship-first approach with a supportive learning environment and curriculum, empowering children to build social emotional confidence with the right skills and mindset to thrive in the evolving world.

Relationships-first Approach at My First Skool

On 29 April 2023, parents got to attend My First Skool’s centre showcase at 10 centres islandwide, where they learnt more about the curriculum through showcases by the centres and chatting with educators! During the various centre showcase events, parents and children alike got to try My First Skool’s signature experiences, which help kids learn about relational skills and other topics like sustainability and the use of technology – read all about the various activities below!

Experiential Learning Activities

Intergenerational Programme

The Intergenerational Programme is an ongoing initiative which gives children the chance to interact with the elderly on a regular basis through weekly activities such as baking cookies and playing games that suit both age groups. During the centre showcase, parents also got to learn more about the food donation drive that was held in partnership with Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre (Limbang) and St Luke Eldercare. The donation drive gave parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s learning, as they were encouraged to involve their children in choosing the food items while explaining the charity to them. Before distributing to the elderly, the children helped sort all the donated food. The K1 and K2 children even lead a short morning exercise via Zoom with the elderlies at St Luke’s eldercare at least once a term! This Intergenerational Programme inculcates values like empathy and compassion for the wider community in children.

STEM Programme & Use of Technology for In-classroom Learning

Did you know that children at My First Skool often get to familiarise themselves with technology in class? At one of MFS’ centres, teachers support children in developing their interest in writing stories, through technology! Children make their own props and use a camera to snap pictures in succession as part of the storytelling activity. This encourages them to hone their creativity through discussing plots, characters and settings with their peers while teachers facilitate the process.

Children in the older age groups are introduced to age-appropriate apps such as Toontastic, a creative storytelling app that allows children to draw their own graphics, animate them and narrate their stories using the app. Children get to learn the basics of a story arc through the app while becoming more familiar with using digital devices.

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Outdoor learning

My First Skool at 6 Segar Road’s “Every Singaporean a Naturalist: Bird Watching Programme” in partnership with Nature Society (Singapore) is one of the many programmes at My First Skool that incorporates the element of outdoor learning, with birdwatching as a planned activity that’s integrated into the daily or weekly Nature Walks for children across all levels. Children pair up, choose their roles and collect items needed (e.g. binoculars) before embarking on their birdwatching adventure. Outdoor and nature play act as the third teacher, offering opportunities for children to develop physical skills, build resilience and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

my first skool relationships based curriculum play based learning

MFS Prioritises Nurturing Social & Emotional Intelligence

My First Skool’s unique, engaging curriculum also incorporates a blend of play-based, hands-on, and exploratory activities designed to ignite curiosity and creativity in children, making learning enjoyable and memorable while setting a strong foundation for their future education. Combined with a nurturing and inclusive environment (like a home away from home!) that encourages children to develop meaningful connections with their peers and educators, they foster relational skills and cultivate real-world values like social and emotional confidence, empathy, teamwork, and effective communication.

Start your child’s learning journey with confidence – enrol your child in one of their 150+ My First Skool centres today!

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