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My First Skool Gives Your Child a Great Heads-up on the Journey of Nurturing Healthy Relationships

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Looking for a preschool where children grow into confident individuals who are capable of building healthy relationships? Check out My First Skool’s approach towards helping children gain self-confidence

As adults, we understand that cultivating healthy relationships (comprising of mutual respect, open communication, boundaries, and patience) with others is of utmost importance. Learning how to build healthy relationships in a child’s early years is vital, as studies show that the relationships children have shape how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them; it also affects many other areas of their overall development. But where do we start with teaching this to our kids? Here’s how My First Skool is helping children develop the self-confidence and awareness to build healthy relationships early on in life.

Safe spaces for children to be themselves

Relationship-building skills often begin at school, as children spend most of their time away from their parents or comfort zones. My First Skool facilitates this process by giving children an encouraging space to be themselves via a relationship-based approach and curriculum. Through manageable routines, experiences and interactions, children become secure and attached enough to open up, allowing them to build healthy relationships with teachers and peers.

My First Skool understands that the key to success is to build good relationships with parents, too. As such, My First Skool’s teachers will have regular conversations with parents – this clues them in on your child’s likes, dislikes and behaviour in external environments. Building this collaborative relationship with parents also builds your child’s trust in the teacher and the centre as a space that’s as comfy and reliable as their own home.

Helping children understand themselves first

Another great way to teach children about building healthy relationships is to let them learn about and understand themselves first. Children learn best through play, whether in the classroom or outdoors. Through My First Skool’s facilitated play experience, children allow their curious minds to discover new things and develop a sense of adventure. This approach also allows them to understand what their boundaries are, how to react in different settings and how to creatively problem-solve.

My First Skool also has an in-house team of pedagogists who understand the centre dynamics and the needs of both teachers and children. This helps create a meaningful support system, which, in turn, results in better learning outcomes and experiences for children.

Enrol your child at My First Skool and get a $100 shopping voucher! This promo is valid until 31 December 2022 for enrolment at selected centres.

If you’re looking for a preschool that’s dedicated to helping your child master the art of meaningful relationships in a safe and inclusive environment, then consider enrolling at My First Skool! Enrolment is currently open for children aged 2 months to 6 years!

My First Skool, multiple locations, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6509 7887,

Brought to you in partnership with My First Skool. My First Skool is an Anchor Operator appointed by ECDA, for the commitment in providing quality and accessible preschool education for children in all neighbourhoods in Singapore.

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