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Outdoor Learning, Cooking Lab, Theatre, Sports & More: 5 Things We Love About Not-for-Profit GESS – International School

gess international school german playground
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Imagine being able to hike around next door Bukit Timah Nature Reserve after school! Opportunities like this together with amazing facilities are just some of the things we love about not-for-profit GESS – International School!

If you’ve driven by GESS – International School while cruising along Bukit Timah and always wanted to know more about this international school, wonder no more! This not-for-profit international school caters to students aged two to 18 years old with a choice between the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum (PYP, MYP and DP) or the German curriculum.

As a leading holistic international school, GESS invests every dollar back into creating the best environment for every student’s limitless learning. This includes (but is not limited to) providing world-class facilities and infrastructure, complementing the soft- and ‘heart’-ware that is their personalised education and well-being support for students.

5 reasons to love GESS – International School

1. World-class facilities

gess international school german classroom

Key school facilities at GESS include a 400-seater auditorium, libraries, Olympic-size swimming pool, sports field, indoor sports hall, design technology studios, visual arts studios, music rooms, cooking lab, drama and theatre facilities, outdoor plaza and play area and more.

A lot of thought was given into age-appropriate and collaborative learning spaces when designing the campus. Age-specific learning pods, and breakout areas are some of the spatial settings that were created for the students’ enhanced learning and campus experience at GESS.

2. Outdoor learning in the next door nature reserve

gess international school german bukit timah nature reserve

The school’s strategic location right next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve means it’s surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant surroundings. These have become an integral part of outdoor learning and classroom lessons come alive in a natural and stimulating environment. These dedicated and specialised facilities – supported by a strong academic team, collaborative partnerships with corporate partners in a BeyondClassrooms programme and more – enable GESS to create a holistic and well-rounded environment for students’ limitless learning.

3. Engaging After-School Programmes

gess international school german theatre

GESS students can choose from a wide variety of After-School Programmes, from music to language enrichment, sports, artistic disciplines, social activities and natural sciences. Open for students from kindergarten to grade 12, children are given the freedom to grow, with the best opportunities to explore and cultivate interests and passion. There are also avenues aplenty for students to showcase their talents and work, both in and outside the campus.

4. Inclusive approach to sports

GESS has a strong focus on sports and physical education. They have an inclusive approach to sports, aiming to develop a passion for sports and physical exercise in all their students. The school also believes that through sports, life and soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and collaboration can be nurtured. If competitive sport is your child’s calling, make sure to check out GESS’s competitive teams coached by professionals!

Among the suite of sports programmes, the school’s swim team is now led by new Head of Swimming Ivan Bunakov, who joined the GESS family in mid-2022. With the Level 5 American Swimming Coach Association (ASCA) Certification (the highest coaching certification) under his belt, Coach Ivan has a robust record of expertly coaching several gold medal swimmers in worldwide competitions. In addition to revamping their swim programme by integrating it into the timetable for primary and secondary students, Coach Ivan has dived into elevating the swim team to greater heights competitively, both in Singapore and overseas.

5. Warm, friendly environment

Lastly, what we love most about GESS has to be the close-knit community they have among the students, teachers, parents and staff. On top of school tours and basic orientation programmes for prospective and new GESS families, there are regular coffee sessions, festive gatherings, student showcases and competitions for all to gather and support on campus. Parents also play a pivotal role in the Board of Governors and School Association, involved in strategic decisions the school makes for students. GESS’ inclusiveness and hospitality extend to its local communities who are invited to on-campus festivities and gatherings.

Interested to find out more? Make a date with GESS here!

GESS – International School, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, Tel: (+65) 6461 088,

Brought to you in partnership with GESS – International School

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