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Want Your Child to Be Bilingual? What to Look for in an English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Programme

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Are you looking for a school that nurtures bilingual kids? XCL World Academy’s English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Programme teaches kids to become confident in both languages. Learn how at the XWA Open House (17 May)

Living in Asia, it’s natural that you’d want your child to develop an interest and proficiency in the Chinese language. How can you find a school that is as eager to ensure kids become bilingual? We reckon a school that continually improves its bilingual programme shows it’s serious! XCL World Academy, (XWA), ‘The School of The Future’, has just announced enhancements to its English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Programme that include more bilingual teachers and teaching partners, native English and Chinese teachers in Grade 2 and a stronger co-teaching model. In addition to these key features, a small teacher: student ratio gives learners the utmost support on their personalised bilingual learning journey. Read on for how XWA achieves this, plus find out more at its upcoming Open House on 17 May 2023 at 9:30am.

What makes XWA’s English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Programme one to watch?

XWA’s English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Programme is designed to equip students with language skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in both English and Mandarin during their foundational years. What makes XWA’s bilingual programme so interesting?

XCL bilingual

1. Bilingual teachers

XWA has recently increased the number of teachers to support bilingual learners. In the Pre-K to Grade 1 classes, bilingual homeroom teachers and teaching partners work together to deliver instruction in both English and Chinese (Mandarin). This means teachers can be responsive to the language readiness of the little ones and they have equal access to both English and Mandarin throughout their day! XWA is intent on establishing meaningful connections with students, which is why having extra hands on deck is so important, especially in the early years when kids are developing personal, social, and emotional skills.

Additionally, two native-speaking co-teachers (an English-speaking and a Chinese-speaking teacher) will provide in-class support for both teachers and students in Pre-K to Grade 1 bilingual classes.

2. Native English & Chinese teachers and co-teachers

Starting August 2023, Grade 2 students will receive more comprehensive instruction from two homeroom teachers (a native English language teacher and a native Chinese language teacher), as well as a bilingual teaching partner to strengthen pronunciation and fluency in both languages.

XWA's Enhanced of the English-Chinese Bilingual Programme

3. Strong collaborative educational model

XWA’s co-planning, co-teaching, co-assessing and co-reflecting model ensures all teachers work together to design and deliver lessons. This way, educators are better equipped to identify each student’s unique linguistic, experiential, and cultural assets and provide additional instructional support to reinforce language skills.

This personalised learning, extra learning coaches and a small student:teacher ratio give learners the upper edge on their path to becoming bilingual.

Interested to find out more about XWA’s Enhanced English-Chinese Bilingual Programme? Join the Open House session on 17 May at 9:30am.

All the deets: XCL World Academy’s Open House
When: 17 May 2023, 9:30am
Where: In person at XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039
How much: Free! Sign up here.

XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel: (+65) 6230 4230

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