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Kid-friendly Guide to Sengkang: Huge Water Play, Sengkang Riverside Park, Sengkang Public Library & More

Sengkang Swimming Complex and sengkang neighbourhood guide
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From a huge water play area to the Sengkang Riverside Park, Sengkang Grand Mall for shopping and restaurants and the Sengkang Swimming Complex for swimming pool fun, here’s our complete family-friendly guide to Sengkang!

If you find yourself in Sengkang with the kids, here’s our guide to all of the top things to do in the Sengkang neighbourhood! Although Sengkang might seem like a random destination in the northeastern part of Singapore (though not as far as Punggol!), there are many hidden gems that can make for a fun day with the kids. From the Sengkang Swimming Complex which features a huge water play area for kids to the Sengkang Public Library and a super fun playground with slides and swings at Sengkang Riverside Park, there’s lots to do for a fun family afternoon!

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Things to Do in Sengkang
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Where to Eat in Sengkang
Getting Around Sengkang

Things to Do in Sengkang

Sengkang Riverside Park & Playground

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - sengkang riverside park
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

Don’t you just love how many green spaces and parks we have in Singapore? Many of which have exciting outdoor playgrounds for the kids, just like the one at Sengkang Riverside Park. This park is much larger than meets the eye since it’s actually divided by the Punggol Reservoir. There’s a fab playground that kids love with swings, slides, merry-go-rounds and even a sand pit! Kids can have a go at the mini excavator sand scooper and enjoy plenty of sensory play. If you’re up for a mini nature walk, follow the path along the river towards Anchorvale Community Club until you reach the bridge that features the Sengkang Floating Wetland and leads you to the opposite side of Sengkang Riverside Park. Keep an eye out for the roosters that roam freely around the park!

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - sengkang riverside park playground
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

If your family loves to cycle, there’s a park connector cycling path that runs through Sengkang Riverside Park, that passes by Waterway Point and eventually leads to Punggol Point Park. This path is popular among fitness enthusiasts, so you’ll be riding alongside avid runners, cyclists and brisk walkers. Just be sure to bring lots of water, lather on sunscreen and make a trip here in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t so hot, as there aren’t a lot of shaded areas where you can cool off.

 Sengkang Riverside Park, Anchorvale Street, Singapore 544834

Sengkang Swimming Complex

kid activities in singapore

Okay, this is probably one of our favourite parts of Sengkang — the huge water playground at Sengkang Swimming Complex! Nestled within Anchorvale Community Club, this public swimming pool complex features two Olympic-sized pools for avid swimmers who want to get their laps done.

Sengkang Swimming Complex
Image credit: Sengkang Swimming

There’s also a giant water play with slides, fountains and even a water bucket — be careful not to get rained on! Let your troubles melt away as you soak in the jacuzzi while the kids play and just enjoy cooling off from the heat. Do note that the big colourful slides on the right of the picture above have been under maintenance for a long time, but we certainly hope they’ll open it again. Meanwhile, kids can ride the long, red tube slide to meet their adrenaline rush! There’s also an ActiveSG Gym in Anchorvale Community Club, so you can get your workout done and hit the gym while you’re there.

Sengkang Swimming Complex, 57 Anchorvale Road, Singapore 544964

Sengkang Maze Garden: family activity

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - maze garden
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

Up for a challenge? Take the kids to the Sengkang Maze Garden, where you can get up close with nature and put your instincts to the test. It’s not a huge maze, so it will probably be more fun for younger kids to wander through. The winding paths and green bushes might confuse them for a bit, but it will be a fun family bonding activity to figure out your way out of the Sengkang Maze Garden. Best of all, it’s completely free! Do note that it’s tucked away in an HDB area and isn’t close to any major malls, so it’s just something fun to do if you happen to be in the area.

Sengkang Maze Garden, 110 Rivervale Walk, Singapore 540110

Sengkang Public Library: storytelling programmes

best public library singapore sengkang public library
Image Credit: NLB

We know that spending time in the sun is good for the kids. But let’s be honest — sometimes it’s just too hot to spend the day outdoors. That’s why we love the number of air-conditioned public libraries scattered around Singapore. The Sengkang Public Library features calming shades of white and blue that mimic the waves of the ocean.

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - sengkang public library
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

Kids will love the wide range of books that they can pick up on their own at Sengkang Public Library, thanks to the kid-sized bookshelves, and they can even flip the chairs upside down to transform them into a mini rocking horse! We also love the free storytelling programme they have for kids aged 4 to 6 years old. Click here to get more info about their library programmes. If your kids are older, you can enjoy some peace and quiet and disappear into a book of your own while they read and explore.

Sengkang Public Library, 1 Sengkang Square, Compass One, #03-28, Singapore 545078

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Water play at Compass One

On the fourth floor of Compass One mall there’s a fun free water playground for kids to cool off in.

Kid-friendly Guide to Sengkang: Huge Water Play, Sengkang Riverside Park, Sengkang Public Library & More
Image: Compass One Facebook

There are wet play and dry play elements to this playground designed for children from 2 to 8 years old. Look out for water sprinklers, a slide and water fountains so bring your swimmers and pack a hat as there’s not much shade.

Compass One Facebook

Compass One mall is also where Sengkang Public Library is located and there are plenty of restaurants here too (more below).

Compass One, operating hours: 10am to 7pm, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078,

Where to Shop in Sengkang

Sengkang Grand Mall

guide to sengkang - sengkang grand mall
Image Credit: CapitaLand

Sengkang Grand Mall is one of the trending places to check out at the moment, since they opened their doors not too long ago! Sengkang Grand Mall is a super spacious mall has plenty of F&B outlets like COLLIN’S, Fong Sheng Hao, JINJJA Chicken, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS and more! If you’re looking to shop for your kids, they also have Mothercare and The Entertainer, so you can pick up toys, kids’ clothes, and other baby essentials you might need.

 Sengkang Grand Mall, 70 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 544692,

Seletar Mall

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - The Seletar Mall
Image Credit: The Seletar Mall via Facebook

Located in Sengkang West, The Seletar Mall is popular with neighbouring residents. Though it isn’t as big as Compass One, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. There’s a NTUC Fairprice Finest on B1 (because grocery stores are essential!), a small indoor playground for kids called Sunshine Childhood Playland and quite a few restaurants like O’Coffee Club, where kids eat free!

 The Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Ave, Singapore 797653,

Rivervale Mall

Rivervale Mall is a lesser known mall in Sengkang since it’s tucked away in Sengkang East (near Rumbia LRT station). It’s a smaller neighbourhood mall with NTUC Fairprice, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and more. There isn’t a playground here, so it wouldn’t be our first choice to take the kids, but it’s great if you’re in the area and need to pick up a few things from the grocery store.

Rivervale Mall, 11 Rivervale Cres, Singapore 545082, 

Compass One

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - food, scent, massage, water play
Image Credit: Compass One via Facebook

This is one of the most popular malls in Sengkang, since it’s connected to the Sengkang MRT station. There’s a fun water playground on the fourth floor of the mall, as well as the Sengkang Public Library and plenty of popular food and retail outlets like Cotton On, Kiddy Palace, POPULAR, iStudio and more. This is a one-stop mall with everything under one roof.

Compass One, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078,

Where to Eat in Sengkang

Eat 3 Bowls at Compass One: Taiwanese restaurant

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - Eat 3 Bowls
Image Credit: Eat 3 Bowls via Instagram

Okay, this one is at the top of our list because we love Taiwanese food! This newly opened Taiwanese restaurant in Compass One has popular all-time favourites like Braised Pork Rice, Taiwanese Cold Noodles, Oyster Mee Sua, and Hashbrown Egg Crepe Roll. With each bite, you’ll be transported to Taiwan as the spices and hearty flavours truly resemble food that you’d find in Taiwan (tried and approved by a Taiwanese himself). Do note though that their outlet is quite small (and often crowded!), so they don’t have high chairs available for younger ones.

 Eat 3 Bowls, 1 Sengkang Square, Compass One, #B1-171,  Singapore 545078,

Kopitiam Square Sengkang: outdoor food court

If you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly bite, head over to Kopitiam Square Sengkang, located right next to Compass One. This spacious outdoor food court has over twenty stalls to choose from, so you’ll find anything from Thai food to Chinese food, Western food and more. They even have a mookata stall, if you have time to cook your own food!

 Kopitiam Square Sengkang, 10 Sengkang Square, Singapore 544829

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop: fast food

kid-friendly guide to sengkang tenderbest makcik tuckshop
Image Credit: Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop via Facebook

Want to dine with a view? Head over to Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop located in Sengkang Riverside Park. This beautiful, spacious outlet has indoor and outdoor seating (bring mosquito repellant if you plan to sit outdoors!) and serves up delicious local and Western fare like Laksa Prawn Spaghetti Hawaiian Pizzas or Roasted Tom Yum Leg Sedap Lemak.

 Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop, 50 Anchorvale St, Singapore 544834,

Lepak One Corner by Yassin Kampung: halal restaurant in Sengkang

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - lepak one corner
Image Credit: YassinKampung via Instagram

If you’re looking for a halal restaurant in Sengkang, head over to Lepak One Corner by Yassin Kampung. We love the chill, cosy ambience and warm lighting that creates a peaceful environment for a meal with kids. Here, you’ll find halal Chinese food like Fishball Noodles and Chicken Rice, as well as classic Mee Soto, Mee Rebus and more. Just note that this halal restaurant is located among HDB buildings, so it might be difficult to find. But it’s about a five-minute walk from Sengkang Swimming Complex!

Lepak One Corner by Yassin Kampung, 326 Anchorvale Road, #01 – 01, Singapore 542326, Tel: (+65) 6920 8808,

Rasa Rasa Sengkang: halal restaurant in Sengkang

Rasa Rasa Sengkang is a casual, halal restaurant with three outlets in Singapore. They have more than 800 choices of food and drinks and outdoor seating if you prefer to take in some fresh air. From Chilli Crab to Cereal Oats Prawn, Sambal Lala, Nasi Goreng Kampung and more, everyone in the family will find something they love to satisfy their hunger after a fun day out in Sengkang.

Getting Around Sengkang

kid-friendly guide to sengkang - LRT map
Image Credit: Sassy Mama SG

Sengkang is divided into two parts: East & West, though most of the kid-friendly spots are in Sengkang West. Getting around Sengkang is pretty easy, though we’ll admit that the LRT lines can be confusing if you’re visiting for the first time. So, here’s a handy map that highlights the top kid-friendly spots to check out for a fun family day out!

Enjoy your day out in Sengkang!

Lead image: Sengkang Swimming

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