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First Aid Courses in Singapore

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Would you know what to do if your baby started choking? Would your helper know how to treat your toddler’s burn? Does she know how to dial for an ambulance? Doing a first aid course for yourself, your spouse and your helper is a great way of arming yourself with as much information as possible so that if an emergency comes up, you have the skills needed to deal with it – knowledge that could make all the difference and save a life.

These courses all cover CPR for babies and children, practical demonstrations of how to deal with choking, first aid for injuries (cuts, scrapes, punctures, burns, bones and muscle injuries, head injuries, seizures and poisoning to name a few) and also common childhood illnesses (coughs and colds, fever, dehydration, heat related illness, and HFMD). If both parents work and your helper looks after the children all day, it’s especially important that you know she understands these procedures.

So here’s our list of ideas for where to complete a first aid course in Singapore – no more excuses mama – book now and give yourself and your family peace of mind!

Great Value!
Great for Home Visits!

first aid

Instructor: Eileen Goh, a certified St. John’s Ambulance Singapore First Aid Instructor.

What’s different? As with other courses, practical aspects of CPR, Heimlich maneuvers and baby choking procedures are fully demonstrated and parents are given the chance to practice on the mannequins under Eileen’s careful supervision – she’ll coach you till you get it right. Infant as well as adult mannequins are brought to your home, which is really handy as the CPR techniques are slightly different and different pressure is needed for each (mannequins come with a clicker so you know when you are pushing down at the right pressure). Eileen will also help outline which is the nearest and BEST hospital to your home in case of emergencies plus which is the nearest hospital that a government ambulance (if you call 995) is most likely to take you to.

There is a minimum attendance of 3 for home visits, which is perfect for two parents plus a helper. Attending a course together with your helper is a good way of ensuring you’re all on the same page and you know what information your helper is learning, so that you can discuss any grey areas and agree on your emergency plan. Eileen is hands-on when teaching CPR and choking procedures, and gives special attention to helpers to make sure they’ve understood the correct procedure and are not missing out on any vital steps. She is also keen on dispelling any myths helpers may have from their home country (putting toothpaste on burns is a common one for example!). Eileen encourages employers to attend classes with their helpers to support an open discussion of procedures in a friendly environment.

Good to Know: For home visits you can choose a weeknight evening for your spouse and helper to join in together, or you can opt for a weekday or weekend session. If you want to meet others or send your helper alone you can always pop into their group classes at the Parentlink office.

Parentlink also runs monthly classes (maximum of 15 participants) at either your home or at their office. Sessions are 3 hours and cost $90 (at their office) or $120 (at your home with a minimum of 3 participants).

18 Hougang Avenue 3, Singapore 530018
Tel: (+65) 9012 0071


Mother & Child
Great for a helpers-only class!

Instructor: American Red Cross Certified Instructors
Helpers Class: 3 x 2-hour classes
What’s different? Run by nurses and midwives, typically from the UK, these classes include demonstrations and role-play, with special attention to making sure that helpers have absorbed the information. There’s also time devoted to hygiene, play and stimulation for children.
Also: Mother & Baby – 2 x 2-hour group classes, Couples Class – 2-hour group class
Good To Know: All Mother & Child first aid classes come with an informative and well laid out British Red Cross book filled with diagrams of procedures and remedies. It’s a fabulous reference tool and great if you need to refresh your memory.
Class size: Up to 10 participants
Cost: All classes are $250 ie per helper or per couple

163 Tanglin Road, #03-11 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933
Tel: (+65) 6836 0063


Responsible Rescue
Great for East Coast mums and helpers!

Instructor: Marni Barlow – Canadian trained Registered Nurse and American Red Cross First Aid Instructor
What’s different? Taught by a mum, Marni is a mother of a 2-year-old and 3 month old so has first hand experience of the mishaps that can happen.
Also: Mom to the Rescue, Helper to the Rescue, American Red Cross certified courses (call for details)
Class size: 4 to 10 participants
Time: 4 hours
Where: At her condo on the East Coast (Bedok) or private group classes of 4 to 8 people at your home.
Cost: $150 per person ($25 discount for the host)

Tel: (+65) 9622 6921


Other Options:

Singapore Red Cross Society
Standard First Aid — Accreditations with theory and practical exams. $128.40 for a 2 and half day course (max 18 in a class)
Child First Aid — 3-day course with theory and practical exams. $171.20 with accreditations (max 14 in a class)
15 Penang Lane, Level 3 (Near Park Mall), Singapore 238486
Tel: (+65) 6664 0500 (ext 565/4)

Institute for First Aid Training
Full day course or 2-hour workshops ($96). No handouts or literature with course.
Tel: (+65) 9778 9406 (Stephanie)

First Aid Tuition
Accredited courses $250 (6 hours, split into 2 x 3 hour sessions). Non accredited courses $175 (4 hours) 
Tel: (+65) 9227 7747

Singapore First Aid Training Centre
Basic First Aid $107 for 1-day course (max 18 in a class). Infant/child first aid $249.31 for 3-day accredited course (max 18 in a class). Infant/child CPR, choking, asthma & allergic reactions training $107 for a 5-hour class (max 10 participants). 
Tel: (+65) 6297 8123
29 Bukit Pasoh Road #03-01, Singapore 089843


Emergency Plan

It’s important to put your Emergency Contact List where your helper and those looking after your family will have quick access to them (the fridge door, for example). It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your children’s passports/identification together with any important medical history and allergy details in an easy to access location, so if anything did happen, it can be grabbed quickly.

Useful Numbers

995 – Public ambulance (will take you to the nearest government hospital)

995 – Fire

999 – Police

+61 131 126 – Poisons Hotline (while this is a 24-hour service, the only catch is it’s an Australian phone number — there is no Singapore emergency number. Alternatively head straight to your nearest children’s A&E department)


What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

If you haven’t already seen our fab First Aid Essentials Checklist, we’re listing it for you again here. This easy to use free download has a handy list of all the lotions and potions every family should have safely tucked away in their first aid kit. Get yours by clicking the link below!

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