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First Aid Courses in Singapore

first aid training singapore
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Looking for a first aid course in case of accidents at home? An infant CPR class could help in a medical emergency so check out this 2024 list of first aid courses in Singapore from Red Cross, St John and parent first aid classes.

Doing a first aid course in Singapore for yourself, your spouse and your helper is a great way of arming yourself with as much information as possible. If an emergency comes up like if your bub started choking or bumped their head after a fall, you will have the skills needed to deal with it – knowledge that could make all the difference and save a life. These first aid courses in Singapore by the Red Cross, St John, SERA and parent-geared first aid courses cover CPR for babies and children, practical demonstrations of how to deal with choking, first aid training for injuries (cuts, scrapes, punctures, burns, bones and muscle injuries, head injuries, seizures and poisoning to name a few) and also common childhood illnesses (coughs and colds, fever, dehydration, heat-related illness, and HFMD). If both parents work or are out and your helper looks after the children all day, it’s especially important that she understands these procedures.

So here’s our list of where to complete a first aid course in Singapore – book now and give yourself and your family peace of mind!
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First Aid Training Courses in Singapore:

Singapore Red Cross: basic child & infant first aid

first aid courses singapore singapore red cross teenagers practicing cpr
Image Credit: Singapore Red Cross via Facebook

Singapore Red Cross is a non-profit organisation that offers a wide range of first aid courses including one specifically for child and infant first aid. This 7-hour course covers the essentials of first aid, addresses common child medical conditions, and child & infant resuscitation skills to ensure that you leave equipped to attend to any minor medical emergency at home. You will learn how to prepare a first aid kit and help your little one with asthma, allergic reactions, fractures, fits and more. One of the important objectives of this course is to teach you how to help your child if they are choking since this is one of the common medical emergencies that parents may encounter at home.

Good to know: There is a small ratio of 1 facilitator to 8 learners (up to 2 facilitators per class), so you can be sure to get your questions answered. You will get a card-sized Certificate of Participation after completing the course.
First aid course costs: $150 for the Basic Child and Infant First Aid Workshop

 Singapore Red Cross, 6 Fort Canning Road, #02-08 YMCA, Singapore 179494, Tel: (+65) 6664 0500,

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Beloved Bumps: first aid & infant CPR classes

first aid courses singapore beloved bump helper and infant mannequin
Image Credit: Beloved Bumps via Official Website

This First Aid & CPR course for Parents given by a UK & AU Registered Nurse and Certified First Aid Trainer, not only equips parents with first aid skills but also teaches them how to care for infants and young children. This course covers emergencies like severe bleeding, fractures, burns, poisoning, allergies, cold-related illnesses, and heat exhaustion. The interactive CPR portion teaches you how to perform CPR on an infant and a child and how to help your child if he or she chokes. This is an interactive experience, so you will get to practice responding to real-life emergencies.

If you prefer a private first aid training class, you can sign up for the Private First Aid & CPR class ($350 for 2 pax; $550 for couple + helper) that tailors training sessions to your schedule and questions. The Certified First Aid Instructor will cover the same content as the First Aid for Parents course, but you will get to raise any concerns you may have and acquire the skills you need to feel confident and competent.

First aid course costs: $250 for the First Aid for Parents Course, $350 for the Private First Aid Course (up to 2 pax), $550 for the Private First Aid Course (couple + helper), $200 for First Aid for Helpers, $250 for First Aid & Infant Care for Helpers

 Beloved Bumps, 11 Keng Cheow Street #02-02, Singapore 059608, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 8809 8623,

St John: child first aid course

First aid courses singapore child first aid course cpr
Image Credit: Getty Images

St John Singapore’s mission is to equip thousands of people with the skills to save lives. The St Johns Child First Aid Course is ideal for parents to learn first aid essentials and get hands-on practice for real-life situations. St Johns 2.5 day (25 hours) first aid course covers the important aspects of first aid and life-saving for children so that you can provide first aid in emergencies at home or outside.

Good to know: St John Singapore also offers other first aid and life support courses like Higher First Aid, Basic First Aid, First Aid for Mental and Emotional Health and more.
First aid course cost: $250 for Child First Aid, $170 for St Johns Standard First Aid Course (with AED)

St John Singapore, 420 Beach Road, Singapore 199582, Tel: (+65) 6298 0300, [email protected].

First Aid Tuition: first aid course for parents or teenagers

first aid courses singapore first aid tuition singapore helper class
Image Credit: First Aid Tuition Singapore via Facebook

This First Aid for Parents course covers a wide range of first aid skills and teaches how to prevent common accidents at home. From calling for help in Singapore, to creating a family emergency action plan or treating burns and wounds, this interactive class will make sure that you learn all of the essential first aid skills so that you can confidently deal with any emergency situations that arise. Instructors Rachel Kelly and Rachael Walmsley are both trained nurses from the UK and have extensive experience in the medical field. Small teacher-to-student ratio ensures that the instructor can properly assess the first aid skills being practised and correct anyone if needed.

Good to know: All attendees will get to take home a first aid booklet that will serve as a good reference when needed. They also have other courses like First Aid for Domestic Helpers ($150, First Aid for Teenagers (for 12 years and up; $160), First Aid for Babysitters ($150), and HSI-Certified CPR & AED Courses ($180 – $250).)  If you want a private first aid training session, you can sign up for the Private First Aid Class ($140 – $250).
First aid course costs: $150 per person

 First Aid Tuition, Tel: (+65) 8161 1247, [email protected],

Mother & Child: first aid and infant CPR class

first aid courses singapore mother and child helper first aid course
Image Credit: Mother and Child Singapore via Facebook

Run by nurses and midwives, typically from the UK, these first aid courses include demonstrations and role-play, with special attention to making sure that everyone has absorbed the information. They offer a wide range of classes from childbirth and hypnobirthing to lactation courses as well as essential first aid courses. You can choose to attend the 3-hour First Aid for Couples Couples Course ($260 per couple) or send your helper for the 6-hour First Aid for Helpers course ($260) that covers first aid, CPR, emergency procedures, plus hygiene, bathing, sterilisation and sleep.

Good To Know: All Mother & Child first aid classes come with an informative and well laid out British Red Cross book filled with diagrams of procedures and remedies. In addition to their first aid courses, you can also check out their Mother & Baby get-togethers to meet other mums or maybe their prenatal or postnatal yoga and pilates classes.
First aid course costs: All first aid classes are $260 per helper or per couple.

Mother & Child, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-11 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933, Tel: (+65) 6836 0063,

ParentLink: at-home first aid course

first aid courses singapore parentlink group cpr class
Image Credit: Getty Images

Eileen Goh, a certified St. John’s Ambulance Singapore First Aid Instructor runs this first aid course. Practical aspects of CPR, Heimlich manoeuvres and baby choking procedures are fully demonstrated and parents are given the chance to practice on the mannequins under Eileen’s careful supervision – she’ll coach you till you get it right. Infant as well as adult mannequins are brought to your home, which is really handy as the CPR techniques are slightly different. Eileen will also help outline which is the nearest and BEST hospital to your home in case of emergencies, plus which is the nearest hospital that a government ambulance (if you call 995) is most likely to take you to. There is a minimum attendance of three for home visits, which is perfect for two parents plus a helper. Attending a first aid training course together with your helper is a good way of ensuring you’re all on the same page and you know what information your helper is learning, so that you can agree on your emergency plan. Eileen is hands-on when teaching CPR and choking procedures, and gives special attention to helpers to make sure they’ve understood the correct procedure and are not missing out on any vital steps. She is also keen on dispelling any myths helpers may have from their home country (putting toothpaste on burns is a common one for example!).

Good to Know: For home visits you can choose a weeknight evening for your spouse and helper to join in together, or you can opt for a weekday or weekend session. If you want to meet others or send your helper alone you can always pop into their group classes at the Parentlink office.
First aid class costs: Sessions are 3 hours and cost $90 per person.

ParentLink, 18 Hougang Avenue 3, Singapore 530018, Tel: (+65) 9012 0071,

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy

first aid courses singapore singapore emergency responder academy cpr class
Image Credit: Singapore Emergency Responder Academy via Facebook

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) offers a very comprehensive Child First Aid Blended course by experienced First Aid Trainers who meet requirements by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC). This first aid course equips you with the knowledge to help your little ones in the event of an emergency. Because of the in-depth nature of this first aid training, it does require you to be present for the 1.5 day in-person session. There is also an onsite practical and assessment (13 contact hours), so make sure that you are mentally prepared for this! The theory assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and participants need to score at least 80% to pass the course. The practical first aid assessment covers relief of foreign body airway obstruction, two bandaging techniques, application of EpiPen, Inhaler with Spacer, and the safe usage of CPR and AED.

Good to know: All participants who successfully complete the SERA first aid training course will receive an e-certificate. SERA also offers a wide range of classes ranging from first aid to instructor courses, and psychosocial support classes.
First aid course costs: $194.40 including GST

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA), 51 Cuppage Road, #03-03, Singapore 229469, Tel: (+65) 6866 0663,

SG First Aid Training Centre: Online first aid course

If you’re looking to learn first aid essentials in theory, this Basic First Aid Course eLearning is for you. This 9-hour first aid training course covers the essential first aid skills everyone should know, in addition to an introduction to CPR+AED with instructions of how to use and apply them in real-life situations. If you’re looking for an in-depth first aid course, the First Aid for Parents course (3.5 online + 3.5 hours classroom) covers minor and major first aid situations that parents should know when dealing with babies and young children at home. Singapore First Aid Centre provides a wide range of courses, including a 3.5-online e-learning class for domestic helpers, a comprehensive child first aid course, and first aid for parents.

Good to Know: Singapore First Aid Training Center also has other child-specific courses such as the Blended Child First Aid Course ($233 before GST), First Aid for Parents ($70 before GST), and AHA Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid ($250 before GST), though many of these courses may require you to attend a physical class.
First aid course costs: from $70 before GST

Singapore First Aid Training Centre, 29 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089843, Tel: (+65) 5297 8123,

Emergency Plan

It’s important to put your Emergency Contact List where your helper and those looking after your family will have quick access to them (the fridge door, for example). Here is a helpful list of emergency helplines to keep on your fridge. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your children’s passports/identification together with any important medical history and allergy details in an easy to access location, so if anything did happen, it can be grabbed quickly.

What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

Now that you’re certified and have all the first aid knowledge arm yourself with your own first aid kit at home. Check out our First Aid Essentials Checklist – it’s easy to use and free to download.

And if you’re looking for other courses to equip your helper – baby massage, Montessori workshops, elderly care and more – check out our roundup of courses for helpers.

Lead image via Beloved Bumps

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