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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Supermarket Groceries?

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How much does your shopping cost mama? Are you getting a good deal on your groceries?

Want to know where to buy the cheapest groceries in Singapore? We did too! While there are plenty of online gourmet shops to buy from in Singapore, we headed over to Singapore’s leading supermarkets in order to bring you the definitive answer on where the cheapest (and most expensive!) places are to buy your everyday groceries. The answer may surprise you!

The Test

We shopped at Giant, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong, RedMart, Open Taste and chose a basket of regular everyday items to price check. We shopped for: a bunch of Australian broccoli, a packet of zucchini, a bunch of bananas, a punnet of blueberries, kailan, a kilo of sweet potatoes, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, one avocado, 1 litre of full fat natural yogurt and 1 litre full fat fresh milk. All our products were non-China origin and we chose non-organic items (as organic is always pricier – find out by how much later in our article!).

And the Results…….
Open Taste non-organic was the cheapest place to buy vegetables, fruit and dairy! Our basket came in at a super affordable $26.76*. Interestingly, there was only a few dollars difference between most other supermarket brands – Sheng Siong, ($28.67), Giant ($29.83), Red Mart ($29.40*) and NTUC Fairprice ($31.45). The most expensive place was….Cold Storage!

No huge surprises there but you may be interested to know just by how much more expensive the shopping basket was? At $57.70, it was nearly double mama! So there you have it. Cold Storage (which owns Market Place as well as Giant in Singapore) leads the ranks as one of the most expensive supermarket chains to shop in Singapore!


If you think you can’t afford organic, you might be surprised at what we found. We bought a basket of all organic produce from Xenxin*** organic online at $67.90. That’s just an extra $10.20 more than we spent on non-organic produce at Cold Storage.

Have you found a cheaper place for good quality groceries? We want to hear about it! Go on, spill the beans…

We thought this was a good selection of easily accessible shops with multiple locations or online. Yes, you can get so much and at affordable prices at Mustafa’s (ask your favourite Facebook group where to get something in town and someone will shout Mustafa’s at you before you’ve found the right emoji) but Mustafa is not always convenient location-wise for every mama. You can of course pop down to your local wet market and get wonderful fresh veg that hasn’t been through the lights and loops of a supermarket but in general, wet markets are not actually any cheaper than the supermarkets and you can’t get basics like milk.
-We shopped at all these supermarkets within the same week. We appreciate that offers and prices may fluctuate at different supermarkets.
*Redmart: If you order under $24 – you pay $5.99 delivery fee.
** Open taste: Free delivery over $49, Free pick up over $39. $9 delivery under $49.
***Zenxin: – Free delivery for orders over $150.00. Home delivery charge is $10.00 for orders $50 and over (or $20 for orders under $50).

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