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All smiles at Azure Dental

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With every dental service imaginable from cosmetic smile makeovers to Invisalign, this family-friendly practice in Bukit Timah does it all!

Kids nervous about visiting the dentist, mama? Who better to put them at ease than a fellow parent? Run by Dr Prashanth Kanakamedala – a father of two young boys with 18 years’ dental experience treating families in the UK, Australia and Singapore – Azure Dental is a boutique family friendly dental clinic located at Sixth Avenue, well-known for their signature hospitality and variety of dental services for both adults and kids.

Mamas love visiting Azure Dental for its yummy coffees and teas and fun music as they’re waiting, while kiddos from the age of 16 months keep busy in the play area with Azure’s patient coordinators. They also make it top priority to keep your anxieties at bay, providing comfy booster seats and video options for little ones as they receive treatment!

As great as they are with kids, Azure Dental is really a one-stop-shop for the whole family’s dental needs, mama, whether your teen needs braces or you’ve put off dealing with those pesky wisdom teeth. Here’s a quick rundown of their comprehensive services:


If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want to wear metal braces, mama, Azure Dental offers orthodontics services including Invisalign (clear aligners) and Simpliclear (clear brackets and wires). Both are customised services with scores of successful patients treated worldwide with their nearly invisible appearance! Invisalign and Simpliclear are both available with instalment plans, too!

Affordable Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

Working closely with multiple specialists and laboratories, Azure Dental can help you get that perfect smile for less! Their Cosmetic Smile Makeovers use a combination of tooth whitening, veneers (thin porcelain laminates which are stuck to the front of your existing teeth) and crowns (with E-Max and Zirconia Crowns) to achieve stunning pearly whites.

Wisdom Teeth & Implants

Dr Prashanth and his staff are also no strangers to Surgical Dentistry, with special training to carry out difficult surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth and implant surgery on-site. There’s also a sedation service made available if you’re too nervous to go through the surgery awake! A Specialist Anaesthetist will come to the practice and sedate you whilst the treatment is being performed; simply request the service on registration and arrangements can be made in advance.

With his wealth of experience in dentistry, there’s no reason not to trust Dr Prashanth and his team to help you and your kiddos get over your fear of the dentist and achieve award-winning smiles, mama!

Azure Dental, 22 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276480, Tel: (+65) 6463 6318,

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